Eating Disorders!

Anarexia, Buliumia, Avoidant

Eating disorders, Common eating problems to 1 or 2 out of 100 students in America.

1. People who have ingsity usually have an eating disorder because of the way they feel about their body shape. 2. So after a meal people would work it off hard, throw it up insded of being with family or friends.

How can a person get an eating disorders?

The person who chooses to starve them self could have been teased and went into a eating disorder because of peer pressure. Eating disorders Is caused usually when a person has ingsity about their body shape so they take getting fit and eating right to the test. People would spit out food. Also, regurgitate food using medicine or laxatives so they can still have the taste of food. Eating disorder can be a serious medical disorder from not eating food. Or working out too much.

Many emotional and phisicle effects happen to poeple who are Anarexic, Bulimian, or Avoidant.

3. Physicle:

  • These people tendency to faint, are very pale, and they Bruises easily.
  • Goes to the bathroom a lot because the stomach doesn't have a lot of stuff to digest. Or they can be vomiting.
  • The anorexic person will feel sick and tired more often. They will even exercise if they have a fever.
4. Emotional:

  • They would also, always talking about food, weight, calories, and fat.
  • An emotional effect is having intensity on how they look even though there healthy.

Can eating disorders be fatle?

5. A person can die from eating disorder from not have a lot or any fat or protein that helps the organs function. 6. Dieing could also be the effect of having insiety and drpresion too.

Don't worrie!

Eatting disorders can be cured.6. A person could join a on balance eating program so they can have the awareness of how much they eat.This can help because a reason a person would get and eating disorder is because of what a person thinks of them so if they do the program people would want them to eat more.7. Also, The anorexic person may be able to hang out with friends more to feel comfortable and relieve stress. This would help show the anorexic person that they are loved by their friends and family and they don’t care how you look. 8. This could be hepful with family and friends too to talk about the problem that they are suffreing with. This communication will help show the suffering person that this disability of seeing your health people can help.

A made up Anarexic persons point of view...,

Hello I'm Amanda and I'm Anarexic. 9. When I look at food I see it as pousin and is would instantly make me fat or have diabeatys. I got this thought from my Older sister who is Anrexic too, though it 10. isn't really genetic, slow degesting runs in my family and ingisity is genetic so I had the same idea of my sister. Also, what happend to me is looking at my sister with respect and she was so pretty so I wanted to be just like her. I get some symtoms but being pretty is what really matter. I lost some friends and I gained other over this experence. More fights would happen and don't really hang with poeple anymore. I think I will be skinny someday tough.
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By Therase K.

D2 March 18, 2015