Its GIF not JIF

Come on people


Since the creation of the .gif format people have debated the pronunciation. Many arguments have surfaced and it is still debated today.

Hard G

Many one syllable G-words have a hard G, such as:

Gab. Gad. Gag. Gal. Gam. Gap. Gas. Gay. Get. Gig. Gill. Gimp. Gird. Girl. Give. Go. Goal. Gob. God. Gone. Gore. Got. Guide. Guild. Guilt. Gull. Gulp. Gum. Gun. Gust. Gut. Guy.

For Example:

There is a file format called a .jpeg which is an image format.

However the file format of .gif stands for "Graphics Interchange Format"

If it were to be pronounced with a "J" sound the file would be a .jif and not a .gif

One argument that people use for the ".jif" pronunciation is that the creator of the Gif states that he pronounced it "jif" however, in counterargument to that, Oxford dictionary has done a survey which showed that "Gif" is the most used format and has stated that they recognize the "Gif" pronunciation.