South Carolina

Locke(d) and loaded...

From Charles Town to Charleston

South Carolina was given to 8 proprietors by Charles II. The first town to be founded was also the oldest in South Carolina. The Charleston location we know now is not actually its original location. It was moved across the Ashley and Cooper rivers for a more defendable position.

From Slaves!

After establishing our first city of Charlestown we began to trade with the Indian Tribes. After a few fights on who we should trade with we got a new proposal. Indian Slaves which were more valuable than many of the commodities traded. Who would have known that the Indian Slave market would move Virginians, the Spanish and French out of our colony?This then introduced a competition to be the main supplier of slaves. Our greed for more slaves eventually came back to start a war known as the Yamasee war which slowed town Indian slave trade in South Carolina for good.

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