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September 2, 2022

Dear Parents,

We had a great week talking about Leadership at Ross. Leadership is our September value. Each student set a Leadership Goal for the week and will have the chance to be featured in our Leadership YouTube video next Friday if they meet their goal.

Here's the students that were nominated by their teacher to be great examples of Leadership this first week:

  • In Harding's class, Coleton K. for helping other students in class all the time.
  • In Adams's class, Luke for being brave and presenting at the front of the room so that other students could learn the routine.
  • In Partridge's class, Kolby P. for taking initiative in all things--cleaning up the classroom, pushing in chairs, being kind to others, and helping them when they need it.
  • In Hunter's class, Caden who is always doing the right things and leading by example.
  • In Johnson's class, Michael who leads his classmates by example.
  • In Marshall's class, Caleb because he is kind to everyone all the time.
  • In Angle's class, Sophi showed leadership by doing what she's supposed to do and helping her table stay on task.
  • In Sweet's class, Nora, who knows the class code for Google and helps others gets logged in.

Ask your student to share the Leadership goal they set with you this week. We hope that 100% of our students meet their goal next week and are featured in our Leadership YouTube video!

See you on Tuesday morning. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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