First Meeting of 2014!

All'asta's GREEN TEAM!!!


Who are you? How long have you been part of this amazing All'asta family? What are your goals for 2014 (short-term and long-term)? What are you MOST excited for?!


New Green Team Members!

  • Jennifer Nixon - sponsored by Julianne Butcher (in Nov)!
  • Cynthia Harvey - sponsored by Julianne Butcher (in Nov)!
  • Roxanne Burnett - sponsored by Julianne Butcher (TODAY!)
  • Lisa Pearson - sponsored by Cynthia Harvey (in Jan)
  • Stacey Jantzen - sponsored by Kelly Long (in Dec)
  • Allison Bushbaum - sponsored by Stacey Jantzen (in Dec)

Feature Kit Earners!

  • Kelly Long
  • Julianne Butcher
  • Me! ;)

December Incentive Big Winner...

Kelly Long!! Kelly had the highest team sales ($1247!), highest party sales ($642), most buying customers...and then some! Congrats Kelly! You should be very proud of yourself...I sure am!!

BIG things are coming our way in 2014!

Ok, who else is pee-in-your-pants excited about our new catalog?!?! I am so proud of our home office for giving us amazing products to sell, a beautiful catalog to show them off, amazing items in our feature kit, an AMAZING new consultant kit and, drum roll please...MONTHLY HOSTESS SPECIALS!!! All of this is setting us up for one amazing Spring/Summer season!

But not so fast - we've still got half of January left - and probably one of the BEST (if not THE best) specials I've ever seen - the Salvation Army Sweater Blanket at half price with a $30 order (up to 2!)!! This is awesome! Book this rest of this month and collect some orders! Those blankets are HOT!

SO...let's have another challenge!!

For the rest of January, whomever sells the most Salvation Army Sweater Blankets will earn $5 in cold, hard cash, for each one sold! So, if you sell the most, say, 10, for example, you'll get $50 cash!!! Can you dig it??! There's just one winner, so let it be you!

A little housekeeping...

  1. I'm trying to be more "director-ly" now, so I'm going to start asking you to PLEASE enter all of your upcoming auctions/parties/shows in Party Manager as soon as you have them set. This will help me make sure our team is on track each month.
  2. I'll be calling each and every one of you in the next day or two. I just want to check in and say hi!
  3. I'd like to start directly training each new Green Team member to help them get started and to help their sponsors as well. I'd also be glad to do this new consultant training with any of you non-newbies as well if you are interested.
  4. I'm here to help you, no matter what. Need help with a potential recruit? Does your auction/presentation need some streamlining? Vendor shows scaring you? Just generally freaked out?! Call/email/message/text me!
  5. I'm diligently working on getting more organized (my Everest!) and will be setting up a set of weekly office hours and a schedule (this happily involves me getting my 2 year old into daycare a few days a week!!!!). Once I have this set up, I'll share it with you all. Please bear with me. I have the best of intentions, but sometimes the worst organizational skills!
  6. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do yourself a favor and host your own auction (or 3!) in February to cash in on those double hostess rewards!! I want TONS of stuff from the new catalog and I'm sure you do too, so don't pay for it - get it all free!!! Mine is on my birthday! Presents for me!

Upcoming Events and Dates to know:

  1. Connecting with All'asta - each Wednesday at 12:00 EST. Lasts 15 min
  2. 1/22 - 1:00-2:00 New consultant training (offered twice monthly, once in the PM once in the AM)
  3. All Fall/Winter catalog orders MUST BE CLOSED OUT BY 11:59 PM ON 1/31/14!! You will not want some angry customers beating down your door for a Salvation Army Sweater Blanket that will never arrive, so close them out as soon as you can!! ;)
  4. 2/1/14....the 5th All'asta catalog launches!! Woo hoo!

Thanks for everything you do. I'm always cheering you on!

-Amanda :)