The 4th Grade News

Week of March 21st, 2016

A Note from Ms. Deal

Dear Parents,

It was been a productive week in 4th grade. We are working on our geometry skills, discussing Mars exploration and writing our own books!

Thank you to those of you that will join us on Tuesday for the geometry field trip to Jinmao Tower. There was a miscommunication with the price for adults for the field trip. There is a 60 RMB fee for chaperones, when on the form, it stated that the cost for chaperones was free. If you are chosen to come along on Tuesday as one of the five chaperones, on the busses, you will have to pay 60 RMB. If you are just going to meet us at the tower, you will just pay the normal admission price (I think it’s around 100 RMB). I do apologize for the confusion.

Please note that there is no school for students Thursday and Friday of next week. We would have PE on Tuesday, but we will be out of the building.

Have a wonderful weekend and please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Ms. Deal

Upcoming Events:

March 25th - End of Third Semester

March 29 - Field Trip to Jinmao Tower

March 30th - Last day of school before Spring Break

March 31-April 10th - Spring Break


This week we continue to study geometry. This week the 4th graders started to learn about quadrilaterals. Is a square always a rectangle? Is a rhombus always a square? Is a trapezoid a parallelogram? These are some of the questions the students tackled this week.

In addition to quadrilaterals we also discussed the movements of shapes through transitions, reflections and rotations. The students are ready to do some serious sketches of the awesome Shanghai architecture.

Language Arts

Reading: The students continue their guided reading groups. Each group is reading a fictional text at their level. They spend time discussing what they have read with their groups, making predictions, and completing different tasks to help with comprehension. This week they were Illustrators and Passage Pickers.

Word Study: Students studied spelling patterns to help them with their vocabulary, writing and decoding skills. Please help your student remember to complete their Word Study homework each week and turn it in to me on Friday.

Writing: This week the students learned about "hooks" and how writers engage their readers. The students practice writing hooks in their own writing. Be sure to ask your student different ways they can hook the reader.

Social Studies:

In Social Studies we continue to talk about exploration. This week we looks a lot at current exploration expeditions on Mars. We watched videos, read news articles and learned about how humans have been able to explore Mars without ever having actually been there.

Next week we will begin to prepare for our upcoming debate. Students will need to argue whether all types of exploration are good for mankind (space, land, underwater, caves) and why.