Carl Glass

Why is Water is the most important Nutrient?

I believe that water is the most important nutrient because a person can only go a few days without water where as a person can go many weeks without food. Water is the most important nutrient because it helps with waste removal, perevents dehydration, and transports vitamins and minerals throughout the body. Without water, a person is highly susceptible to dehydration, which can affect athletes greatly Also, if water wasn't there to transport nutrients through the body, the entire system shuts down. Lastly water helps with waste removal. Water is mostly perpirated, urinated, or even when you exhale. you most likely need it if your vomiting or have diarrhea. Water is a very refreshing nutrient, and doesnt have the harmful sugar that other drinks have. So when your thristy, don't grab that Kool-Aid, get some Water.

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