Wood Buffalo National Park, Alberta & Northwest Territories

Save the Wood Buffalo!

This park was established in 1922 and was created for the Wood Buffalo who were dying. There was once an estimated 40 million in 1830. By 1900 there were less than 1,000. The park has repopulated and it's not only the largest free-roaming bison herd in the world it the world's only natural nesting site of the whooping crane.

Wild Life.

The wildlife of Wood Buffalo is bears, wolfs, moose, lynx, marten, wolverines, foxes, beavers, and snowshoe hares. Are just a few of the wild animals in this park. Some birds might include sandhill cranes, hawks, eagles, and owls.

What to do there-Activities

  • Motorboat- Motorboat travel is permitted along the major river corridors.
  • Canoeing- You are also likely to find a canoe route that suites you.
  • Fishing- A national park fishing permit is required to fish and you can get them at any other national park in Canada.
  • Hiking- Experience the magnificent Wood Buffalo trails and the great view.
  • Camping- There are many camping experiences in the park that might very well suit you.
  • Adventure- Wilderness travelers might want to plan an extended backcountry trip into the park by foot or canoe.