The Ponderosa Islands

"The Island of Dogs"

-The Island's Neighbors/History-

-The Island's Neighbors-

One of the Island's neighbors is the Xinera

Islands. We like to call it the Island of the forest. There is a peace between the Xinera

Islands and the Ponderosa Islands, thanks to Lily Lake, the old Governor of The Ponderosa Islands. She walked through one of the portals created by the Xinera

Islands to make peace with June May, the governor of the Xinera

Islands. This ended the Great War of 1889, which caused 2,086 casualties. There have never been any more wars between the two islands since.

-More Neighbors-

Another neighbor of Ponderosa is Japan. Japan was one of the only civilizations near Ponderosa still alive and human. We have peace with Japan as well as Xinera. We are able to trade Japan the goods they need for what we need.

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-Shape of the Islands-

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The Ponderosa Islands are located in the Country of Heatherstone, on the continent of Makibe, which is in the Northern/Eastern Hemisphere. The absolute location of the Islands is 38°N, 150°E. The relative location of the Islands is Southeast of North Korea, East of Japan, and East of Tokyo.


The Average Rainfall of Ponderosa is 40-80 inches per year. The Growing Season is 6-8 months. Also, the Natural Vegetation is Semi-Desert/Tropical Rain-forest and the Land Use is Urban.

-How Goods are Imported/Exported-

Goods are imported and exported by shipping or using Portals provided by Xinera.


Beautiful View of Japan

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Most Common Natural Disaster



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-Additional Information-

I chose this location because of Minamoto Yoritomo. Before he died in 1199, he provided large armies which helped the Ponderosa create a stronger monarchy.



The alphabet that Ponderosa uses is the normal English alphabet.

-Social Class-

The Ponderosa Islands have an upper class, two middle classes, and a lower class. In the upper class, there are the Governors and a Council. They are the overall leaders and help create laws and make sure that they aren't bad/weird ones like, 'ban fast food' and 'no more education'.

The two Middle Classes are the Warriors and the Inventors/Explorers. The Warriors are specialized to help protect Ponderosa and all the residents within. The Inventors are specialists who invent new solutions for medical issues and other problems that would affect the economy.

The explorers help look for plants and animals that can help with medical issues, look for food that is safe for the residents to eat/live on,and do anything else that the governor wants them to search for and help with.

Finally, the lower class consists of poor citizens/residents of the Island. They must obey the new laws as work in assigned jobs.

-Religion & Tradition-

Ponderosa celebrates/accepts all religions/beliefs. Example: We celebrate Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. Some of our traditions go along with the religions like on Christmas Eve night, the whole town gets together to light the 35ft tree. On October 31st , the whole town gets together and has a big party.

(All residents know that they have a choice to come.)

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Ponderosa celebrates many of the holidays because we don't focus on a specific religion like some places do. Some of the holidays we celebrate are, Christmas, Women's Equality day, Easter, etc.

-Additional Information-

Two of the Religions Ponderosa celebrates relates back to the Buddha and the 3 deities. Those two religions are Hinduism and Buddhism.


-Type of Money-

The type of money that Ponderosa uses are called Makibucks.
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Our big work-in-progress invention called the Makreceiver scans your hand. Then, you tell it what you want, and it comes out of a little compartment at the bottom of the machine.


-Our product supply-

Ponderosa has a supply of dogs, medical supplies, silk, foods, drinks, etc.

-Products in Demand-

Some products in demand are...

Leather (to make shoes)

Construction Tools

Weapons(for security)


We trade with other civilizations either by shipping or by portals. We mainly use portals to trade with Xinera, and we mainly use the ships to trade/barter with other civilizations like Japan (which is still standing, and still human.)

-Scarce goods/services-

Some scarce services in Ponderosa are doctors and surgeons. (We still have some, but the number of them decreases every year because it takes so much time.)

Some scarce goods in Ponderosa are books (comic, fiction/non-fiction, etc.) We have enough books for education uses. But few books for just normal day reading.

-Items in Surplus-

The items that we have a surplus of are...

Dogs & Medical Supplies

-Additional Information-

The silk that my civilization holds relates back to ancient China, which had silk that they used to trade for things they needed more than silk.


The type of Government that Ponderosa has is Monarchy. A Monarchy Government is a government ruled by one ruler with absolute power. The ruler is the Governor. The Rule of Law is called Yuiop. (Rule of Law means that the law is the rule). The Minority is a small group of citizens called the Kewop. They think that this should be a democracy, because they want more say about whats happening in the civilization. The roles of the citizens are Education, Obey the Laws, Join the Military, and Pay Taxes. We have a tripartite government.

-Additional Information-

This government is like the Roman Government because The Ponderosa Islands have a monarchy like Rome did with Julius Caesar.
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The End

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