'Clote Convo

September 9 - 13

Week at a Glance

Saturday, September 7

  • Cross Country @ Hammock Park

Monday, September 9 -

  • 7:50 TIC Training (All Staff - Please see email for locations)

Tuesday, September 10

  • FSA Writing Retakes
  • 8:00 Homecoming Meeting

Wednesday, September 11

  • USH/BIO Retakes
  • 9-11 Ceremony
  • 7:50 Discipline Meeting
  • Swim Meet

Thursday, September 12

  • Reading Retakes Day 1
  • MTSS (2. Grades 11/12 - 5. Grades 9/10)

Friday, September 14

  • Reading Retakes Day 2
  • Football @ GHS

Coaches’ Corner with Mari and Stephanie

In 2009, educational researcher John Hattie published Visible Learning which compiled more than 15 years of research involving millions of students. This is the one of the biggest (if not the biggest collection of evidence-based research about what actually works in schools to make learning better. Hattie identifies the top 20 influences on student learning and achievement, and… you guessed it… TEACHERS have the power to make a great deal of difference! At number 3 on the list is providing formative evaluation. There is no doubt that formative assessments provided to students on their journey to becoming proficient in a concept or standard is paramount to their success. There are all types of formative assessments, both formal and informal that we are all using, but click on the link below to take a peek at some of the tech tools available to use for formative assessment as well. We know our kids love their technology, so let’s use it for their educational advantage!


Staff Spotlight

Beverly DeShields

Beverly DeShields is one of our awesome FNS employees who always has a smile on her face and a positive aura about her wherever she goes. Beverly was born in Maryland and has lived in New Jersey and Arizona before moving to Florida. She has worked at Anclote for almost 3 years (Her 3-year anniversary is coming up this October!) Beverly loves interacting with our students in the cafeteria and enjoys her job. When she is not at Anclote, she enjoys spending time walking, bike riding and going to the movies. She also works a second job at Staples where she has been working at for 16 years! If that isn’t enough, Beverly also enjoys running the clock at our football, volleyball and basketball games. Make sure to say hello to her next time you see her!