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Realism tried to show the real world. It focused on harsh life in cities and villages. It started in mid-1800s in the West. This image is an example of realism. It shows the hard work that people had to experience. It also looks normal, like what you would see out of your eyes.
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Romanticism started in 1750 and went until 1850. This style glorified nature and wanted to show the beauty and power of nature. Using bold colors, it conveyed violent energy and emotion. This picture is an example of realism because the colors and the way it is painted in shows emotion.
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Impressionism started in 1870 in Paris. The artists wanted to paint the first impression a object or scene had on a person. This is an example of impressionism because it doesn't look typical. This painting shows the first feeling you would have when looking at the real thing.
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In 1840, Louis Daguerre and William Fox Talbot created new technology that improved photography. The subjects moved from stiff and posed portraits to images that wanted to show the darker reality of life. This is an example of the transition of photography. Even though the image is still posed, it is not a typical pose, and is part of the movement to candid photos.
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Post-Impressionism was a variety of styles. Artists used different types of painting, like different brushes and brush sizes. This is an example of post-impressionism. The artist did not blend the brush strokes to show a different take on the portrait.
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