Media Center Newsletter

Late Winter Edition

Online Resources

We have many great resources available to you and your students from our ONLINE RESOURCES area under the STUDENTS tab from our homepage. Many of these resources require log in credentials. The following are a few that are very useful:

1. United Streaming TEACHERS ONLY (video streaming) User:, password: wayne (then choose your own if you want)

2. EBSCOHost: User: jfkmedia, password: 12345 **SO many good research databases and teacher tools here**

3. Enchanted Learning: User: wayneschools, password: wayne

4. Fact Monster: Free, no log in required, may have ads

5. Starfall: should be accessed from the Destiny page for full access. If you haven't, check out the TEACHER'S LOUNGE for math generators, blending practice, vocabulary cards, etc.

6. World Book Online: user: wayne2, password: 07470. This is one of the best resources we have for both students and teachers. Resources include but not limited to: timelines, early world of learning, kids research, and ebooks. All of this content is available from the iPads.

7. Time for Kids ( user:, password: jfk1310

8. BrainPop: user: bp_jfk, password: bp_jfk

In addition to the above, our Destiny homepage has many resources listed by class and/orcontent. The WebPath Express from our search tab is a tool worth visiting.

If you would like to see any of these resources in action, please stop in Tuesday mornings or if you'd like to schedule a mini-lesson with me, please let me know.

New Books

We have recently acquired several hundred new books! Titles range from easy readers and chapter books, to biographies and informational non-fiction. You can access our card catalog from:

Site of the Month

Great keyboarding skills site! Click below to access.

Updated Browsers for PARCC

All testing grades and support classroom teachers should have updated Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers on their desktop. Along with the browsers, you should have a TestNav application. Please advise me if you do not.

Sleepy Time Story Hour

Tuesday, March 1st, 6:30-7:30pm

1310 Ratzer Road

Wayne, NJ

Kindergarten rules this night! SO many fun readers are coming!

Sleepy Time Story Hour

Thursday, March 3rd, 6:30-8:15pm

1310 Ratzer Road

Wayne, NJ

First Grade fun on a Thursday!

Sleepy Time Story Hour

Thursday, March 10th, 6:30-8:15pm

1310 Ratzer Road

Wayne, NJ

Second Grade finishes our reading fun!