Mavericks Team Update

October 13, 2016


1st quarter ENDS on Monday, October 17th. Any missing/redone work needs to be turned in by TOMORROW.

SPIRIT WEEK is this week: Fabulous Eagle Friday (rock your Blue & Gold for the Eagles!); we will have our pep assembly at the end of the day.

NEW SCHOLASTIC CATALOGUES ARE OUT! Mrs. Goodwin has catalogues in her room or you can order online at: and type in the classroom code: N8ZDY.

To Do:

If possible, please make sure your child has a pair of earbuds that they can keep in their binder. Our team uses technology daily and each child having their own set of earbuds is tremendously helpful. Some students have found them at the Dollar Tree for $1.

Parent Teacher Conferences are close! We have about a third of our families signed up for conferences, and we'd love to meet with each of our students' families! Please sign up at this site: . Don't worry! We will call you/email you a reminder the week before.

Thanks so much!

What Did We Do in Class Today? Was Homework Assigned?

SCIENCE: Today in science, students will be taking notes on how the continents move. Ask them to tell you about it tonight. (Convection currents move the crustal plates like a conveyor belt!). Then students will be writing a 10 line poem that rhymes that talks about convection currents and plates moving. Honors class did this yesterday and will be moving on to complete a Pangea Gizmo (online lab).

ELA(Mrs. Goodwin and Ms. Nielsen): Today students will finish analyzing the events of "The Tell-Tale Heart" and how they reveal aspects of the character, as well as analyzing how the point of view of the story creates various effects, such as suspense. HONORS class is doing a similar assignment but they will be conducting a mock trial today to present their information. HOMEWORK: Students will have their first BENCHMARK TEST on Wednesday! Students can use the notes in their interactive notebooks to help them study as well as use i-Ready EXTRA LESSONS. They do get credit for any lessons they pass on i-Ready, and those will be reflected in their 1st quarter grades. Students also need earbuds for Friday, Monday, and Wednesday. HOMEWORK: Hours 3, 4, and 6 need to finish their charts if they did not do so in class and turn them in first thing tomorrow.

ELA (Mrs. Brown): Students will be tested on Possessive Nouns and will also have fluency practice.

MATH (Mrs. Boyd and Mr. Powell-Deppe):Students are taking their unit 2 test over exponents and Scientific Notation! When they complete that, they are working on assignments they need to turn in before the end of the quarter tomorrow.ANNOUNCEMENT: Quarter 1 grades are due TOMORROW. We will start Unit 3 on Monday.

ALGEBRA:Unit 2/3 Test:

SOCIAL STUDIES: Students are still working on causes of the American Revolution

Academic Dates to Remember

Parent Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, 3:15-8pm

4700 Northeast Parvin Road

Kansas City, MO

To schedule a Parent Teacher Conference, please click the link below:

Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, Oct. 26th, 3:15-8pm

4700 Northeast Parvin Road

Kansas City, MO

To schedule a Parent Teacher Conference, please click the link below:

No School

Friday, Oct. 28th, 8am

4700 Northeast Parvin Road

Kansas City, MO

Northland Career Center Open House

Thursday, Nov. 10th, 4:30-7:30pm

1801 Branch Street

Platte City, MO

Tour the center, interact with students working in labs, and meet staff!


More information will follow

Available programs: Agricultural education, aviation technology, construction technology, culinary arts, diesel technology, health sciences, HVAC/R, IT professionals, industrial welding, law enforcement/CSI, teaching professions

Phone: 816-858-5505

Band & choir dates to remember

Sports dates to remember

Volleyball Districts

Saturday, Oct. 15th, 4pm

825 Northeast 79th Terrace

Kansas City, MO

Volleyball vs. Raytown Central

Monday, Oct. 17th, 4pm

10601 East 59th Street

Raytown, MO

Contact Information

Emily Boyd, Math

(816) 321-4204

Jessica Nolin, Science

(816) 321-5829

Troy Sielaff, Social Studies

(816) 321-6137

Leslie Goodwin, English Language Arts

(816) 321-4691

Additional Resources and Links

E-Campus (Blackboard) Username - student lunch number, password- student's birthdate (MMDDYYY)

I-Ready The I-Ready program provides students with lessons and assessments to strengthen their knowledge Math and ELA concepts. The Math and ELA teachers use this program in class frequently, and will use the students' scores on the assessments that follow the lessons in their grade books. We strongly encourage students working on lessons at home if possible. The student username is the student's ID (, for example) and the password is the student's birthdate (MMDDYYYY).

PowerSchool Be sure to sign up for a Parent Portal account! From this account you can view student's grades and attendance. Don't have a parent portal account? Contact the EGMS office to obtain one.

Scholastic Scholastic Reading Clubs allow parents and students to order book and other items at an affordable price. If you use Mrs. Goodwin's classroom code, N8ZDY , when you check out, you earn free books for the ELA classroom! Want to write a check? That's fine! Simply write the check to Scholastic and turn it into Mrs. Goodwin. Monthly paper catalogues are available in Mrs. Goodwin's room as well.

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