Ethan-Hater Emily


Analysis of Emily


Description of Emily

Quote to describe Emily

In the book, Emory said, "You know Emily, the more she glares, the more she cares." This means that Emily stares at everyone until they start to treat her right. (pg.20)


The book says, "Mr. Hollenback doomed Ethan to be lab partners with Ethan Hating Emily, also known as Emily Asher, who had despised me ever since the formal last year, when I made the mistake of wearing my Chuck Taylors with my tux and letting my dad drive us in the rusty Volvo." (pg.16)

Emily's Action

The book says, "Emily had blond hair, fake tans, flip flops, and jean skirts so short they could pass for belts." (pg.19) This shows that she is pathetic because she does not care about how others think she looks.