OPS Mobile Learning Unit (MLU)

2019-20 Programming: Digital Citizenship & Digital Literacy

Interested in the OPS MLU making a visit to your school or organization? Check out our list of program options below.

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Reserving the MLU

Want to bring the MLU to your next event? Whether it's Back-to-School Night, Open House, or a Family Literacy Night, the MLU can support your mission with a variety of digital citizenship and digital literacy resources, ranging from basic information to hands-on activities for families.

Things to consider:

  • MLU MUST return the same day to OPS Transportation 3833 N 72nd St, Omaha, NE 68134 (CAN NOT STAY at a SITE OVERNIGHT)
  • MLU must stay with in city limits of Omaha
  • Weather/Ice impacted parking spaces may impact use of MLU
  • Availability is also dependent on availability of a driver
  • Equipment used on MLU must be checked out from MTC and returned to MTC
  • MiFi use is limited to devices checked out for the bus

1st Review & select from the catalog below the types of programming the MLU offers.

2nd Check the OPS MLU Reservation Sharepoint page calendar for availability of the MLU.

2nd Fill out the Mobile Learning Unit - Request Use Form.

3rd An IMS staff member will contact you to confirm or decline your request. If confirmed arrangements to coordinate programming and a driver will begin.

**Note** Events scheduled less than 2 weeks out may impact availability of a driver, Common Sense Education Coordinator and/or District Technology Trainer support

Digital Citizenship Programming Catalog

Digital Citizenship Programming is provided in partnership with Common Sense Media and Common Sense Education. Programs are facilitated by the OPS Common Sense Education Program coordinator or OPS Technology Leaders(OTL) in your building that are Common Sense recognized or a Common Sense Ambassador. **note** extra duty pay available for OTLs and OPS Common Sense Ambassadors

The First Educators: Media Balance for Young Children

Parents play the most valuable & challenging role in their children's lives particularly in the every changing landscape of media. Examine the most recent Common Sense Census: Media Use by Kids Zero to Eight to stay informed and build your parenting skills. Compare statistics to past studies and the American Academy of Pediatric advice to learn what is trending and what is developmentally appropriate for each age group. Then create your own 'Family Media Use Plan' based on your own family values, needs and guidelines available. Participants will explore and receive resources to support parents particularly of young children.

Intended Audience: Parents of Zero- 8 year olds

Suggested Time: 30-45 min

Plugged-In Parents: Keeping Kids Safe, Happy, and Healthy in the Digital Age

A session designed to engage parents in discussion about social media, digital footprints, cyberbullying, as well as modeling appropriate technology use for your children. Explore the Common Sense Media website and its various resources available to support you as a parent in the digital age.

Intended Audience: Parents

Suggested Time: 45 min- 1 hour

Bytes and Bites: A Community Dinner Guide About Digital Life

A session created for parents and their students! Join us for an event filled with adults and kids sharing perspectives, discussing hot topics, and learning more about each other's experiences. We will engage your family in important conversation around social media, support your efforts to have more fun and engaging family dinners, enjoy time together as a community, and recognize the importance of family meals through hands-on experiences.

Intended Audience: Parents & Students Grades 3rd - 12th

Suggested Time: 30 - 45 minutes

Empowering the Next Generation of Digital Citizens

All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life. Common Sense Media's award-winning K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum was designed and developed in partnership with Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and guided by research with thousands of educators. Each digital citizenship lesson takes on real challenges and digital dilemmas that students face today, giving them the skills they need to succeed as digital learners, leaders, and citizens tomorrow. Lessons will be based on the ages of students participants and in consultation program organizers.

Intended Audience: K-12 Students

Suggested Time: 30 - 45 minutes

Discovering Great Technology Tools for Student Learning

There are so many technology tools out there…where do I even begin?! Need help finding that perfect tech tool to help support your child's learning? Common Sense Media's EdTech reviews, privacy evaluations, and supporting resources help bring technology to your home in ways that match your child's needs. Get started with recommendations for top-rated EdTech tools that support creative learning, reading and math practice, as well as tips for integrating into your daily routines.

Intended Audience: Parents

Suggested Time: 30 minutes

Digital Literacy Programming Catalog

The Digital Literacy Programming is coordinated with our OPS District Tech Trainers. Trainers can facilitate programs directly or work with your building's OPS Technology Leaders(OTL) to be able to check out the digital literacy tools included with the MLU programming. Below are some of the current programs available. Arrangements will need to be made with your building's District Tech Trainer.

Media Literacy Resources Exploration

A great introduction to the vast resources that the OPS district has available for students and families. Experience a variety of hands-on use of award-winning databases and resources including Pebble Go, Sora Overdrive, Britannica School, Unite for Literacy, and more. Equipment for this program is checked out through MTC after confirmation of MLU availability. Person reserving needs to work with Tech Trainers to reserve "Media Literacy Resources Exploration" Trunk.

Intended Audience: Students & Adults

Suggested Time: TBD

Break the Language Barrier

Utilizing the Microsoft Translator website and apps, participants will learn how to translate documents and websites, as well as communicate in real time with others in multiple languages. Great resources for those who experience multiple languages in the work place or at home.

Equipment for this program is checked out through MTC after confirmation of MLU availability. Person reserving needs to work with Tech Trainers to reserve "Break the Language Barrier" Trunk.

Intended Audience: Adults

Suggested Time: TBD

Wonder-ful Coding

Learn how to code with our Wonder Workshop friends- Dash, Dot, Cue and Puzzlets! From basic drag-and-drop to text-based coding, we can tailor activities to the difficulty level you need to drive our robots around the bus or complete engaging challenges. Equipment for this program is checked out through MTC after confirmation of MLU availability. Person reserving needs to work with Tech Trainers to reserve "Wonder-ful Coding" Trunk.

Intended Audience: Students

Suggested Time: TBD

Play, Craft, Learn

Explore the world of Minecraft Education Edition! Participants will work on their computational skills, collaboration, and creativity as they learn to build structures in this popular game.

Equipment for this program is checked out through MTC after confirmation of MLU availability. Person reserving needs to work with Tech Trainers to reserve "Play, Craft, Learn" Trunk.

Intended Audience: Students

Suggested Time: TBD

Makerspace Challenges

Whether it's 3D objects on a computer or tangible objects like Legos, participants use their creativity to design and build. Come answer the question, "What do you want to create today?" Equipment for this program is checked out through MTC after confirmation of MLU availability. Person reserving needs to work with Tech Trainers to reserve "Makerspace Challenges" Trunk.

Intended Audience: Students

Suggested Time: TBD

Tech Trainers

Eileen Heller, McKenzie White or Michelle Blanchard.

All Digital Literacy Programming requires, at a minimum, Common Sense handouts distributed to participants. Which could include: Family Tip Sheets, Articles, Research Reports, Tech Balance Program, Family Media Agreements etc.

Contact your OTL or Melissa Cleaver, Common Sense Education Coordinator for materials.

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