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Basic Information

  • Population-15,708,756 people
  • Capital-Phnom Penh
  • Leader- King Norodom and Prime Minister Hun Sen- Titles King and Prime Minister
  • Government- Constitutional Monarchy
  • Language- Khmer

Sports and Entertainment

Sports is very important to Cambodian people. They play a variety of sports in Cambodia. One of the most popular sports played in Cambodia is football. Football to them is what we call soccer. They take sports very seriously and they are usually played by men. Soccer is one of the most played sports in Cambodia. Sports is one of the main sources of entertainment for people to watch and play.

Types of Sports they Play

Cambodians have some normal sports that we have heard of and some that are not so common. For example Sepak Takraw which is what they call kick volley ball or also known as chinlon in Cambodia. Some other sports they play are kickboxing, football,table tennis(ping pong), bad mitten, another popular sport is volleyball. It is very popular if you participate in arobic exercise. They also have a rugby union and a Cambodian basketball league (CBL). They do traditional boat racing. Another sport that most people do is Khmer Traditional Wrestling. It is a sport that consists of three rounds and to win you have top get your opponent on their back.


Getting Greeted

Cambodians greet each other by placing their hands at chest level in a prayer position. If you greet somebody with your hands held higher you are showing a sign of high respect for that person. For us we usually greet each other by shaking their hand but in Cambodia it is not common to do that. When you get greeted you are usually greeted with jasmine flowers placed on a desk or a table. People are very cautious when letting in strangers. Guest are usually offered a drink or other refreshments. If a meal is provided the hosts are sure that they get the best place to sit and the best portion of food.


In Cambodia they are very picky. They have very uncommon rituals than what we are used to. For instance say you go to a persons house and they greet you and you sit down. When you sit down you cannot point the soles of your shoes toward Buddha picture. A fun fact is the the head is the most sacred part of the body to Buddhist. You are not allowed to touch a persons head even your own child's head. Raising your voice effects ones personality. It is very improper to embarrass somebody in public. Visiting family or friends is frequent but it is to be unannounced. They have to remove their shoes before you enter a house or pagoda.

Food Procedures

They eat with spoons, forks, chopsticks, and their fingers. When have rice it is eaten in balls using the right hand to eat it. Meat and vegetables are already cut into bite size pieces. People enjoy dishes that have came from or influenced by Indian, Chinese, and European cosine.


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