Chromebook information

Setting up your Chromebook

First thing when you get your Chromebook you label your charger, Case and CB. After, you need to set up your user. Then you set up your blog to post what’s going on in your life or other things. Once you set up that set up bookmarks to places on the internet you use most.

Chromebooks and Ipods

Lets compare Cb’s and Ipods have these similarity, they are both electronic devices, they both have screens, they both can download music to hear, you can change the wallpaper with both screens, you can design both of their covers, they both have headphones/ ear bud hole and you can take a picture with both devices.

Now we are going to talk about contrasting Chromebooks and Ipods. Chromebooks are a big device and a big charger. Also Cb’s have a keyboard, gmail, a fan to keep it cool from overheating and can take a picture of something and make it your picture over your password when you type it in.

Ipods on the other hand is a small device with a small charger and instead of gmail Ipods have texting. Also Ipods are easier to carry because you don’t have to put it in a case like you have to for a Chromebook. You just slip your Ipod in your pocket, jacket and anything else that is a small pocket. One more thing is that you Can play or download apps that you can’t down load on your Chromebook.

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Cause and effect

The Effect of getting my Chromebook helped me research better because of all the websites that I could go on. Also getting my Chromebook I got my own blog, gmail and other things like listening to music well we work.

But sometimes there are bad things that happen when you get your Chromebook. As an example if your on a web site your not supposed to be on you are going to get in big trouble. Also if your teacher tells you to close your lid or stop what you're doing and if you don’t listen there will be a consequence. You can get your Chromebook taken away if you do something bad and sometimes you can break your Chromebook or damage it by breaking the screen or just breaking it into pieces.


For your Chromebooks your problems could be a lot of things as a an example if an inappropriate content or video and ad. Also if you have no internet and you losing your Chromebook. Plus you could of not charged you Chromebook which would lead you to no work and your Chromebook not being on for much longer.

Your solutions are if an inappropriate content comes up you exit out of the web as soon as possible. If you come across your Chromebook not being charged you plug your Chromebooks charger and it will start to get power back and you just sit beside your Chromebook while its charging. If your teacher gave you an assignment you just open your Chromebook well it is charging.


First when you have an important that you know you are going to the site daily you are able to bookmark the site so you will be able to go to the site right away. Secondly you are able to download apps on your Chromebook. Thirdly you are able to listen to music while working. Fourthly you are able to access the web/internet.

Fifthly you are able to email you friends with gmail. Sixty you can change your wallpaper/background and download pictures to use for your wallpaper. Seventy you can take photos of yourself for your wallpaper. Eighth your are able to type reports and assignments on goggle drive. Thank you for reading.