Roman And Greek Contributions

5 Roman And Greek Contributions

Greek money

Greeks used coins for currency. They put their leaders' faces on their coins so people knew who was in charge. Today we put our presidents' faces on money to show who runs our country and to honor our past presidents.

Roman Military

In Rome their military's legions were split into smaller units. Now our military is split into five branches: army, marines, navy, air force, and coast guard.

Greek Architecture

In Greece they had three types of columns: doric, ionic, and carinthien. Greeks used these columns to support buildings. Today columns are used for decoration and stability.

Greek sports and entertainment

In Greece they had Olympic Games to honor gods and goddesses. Today we have Olympic Games that are divided into summer and winter games. They are held every four years by a single city.

Roman development of concrete Roads

In Rome they had over 250,000 miles of concrete road. Now roads and highways are made of asphalt.