University of Waterloo

Bachelor of Applied Science- Mechanical Engineering (BASc)

Mechanical Engineering at Waterloo

Part of Canada's largest engineering school, the Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering department at the University of Waterloo is home to nearly 1600 undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff. Also Waterloo is Canada's largest university for automotive research and the first Canadian university with a full undergraduate mechatronics engineering program.

Overview of Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering program exposes students to all aspects of mechanical design (mechanics, power, control and manufacturing). Students are trained to lead large, multi-disciplinary team projects and come up with innovative solutions, like designing a crashworthy, ultra-light vehicle; harnessing green energy from wind, wave or sun or developing new surgical implants. Of all the engineering disciplines, mechanical engineering is the broadest and most diversified. Mechanical engineers are required to understand the laws of mechanics and the effects of forces on solids and liquids, the flow of heat through substances.Mechanical Engineers will play a leading role in the advancement of technology for sustainable development. Mechanical engineers are expected to face many technical and managerial challenges, such as
  • Supervision of machine and/or plant operation
  • Prototype design, testing and scale-up
  • Theoretical analysis and model simulations
  • Technical and economic feasibility analysis
  • Management of personnel and technology
  • Failure analysis and cause determination
  • Technical marketing and maintenance

Admission Requirements

Admission for Engineering at Waterloo depend on two things

  1. Academics
  2. Admission Information Form (AIF)
Waterloo Engineering evaluates candidates for admission based upon both grades and the information provided in the AIF. Admission averages are calculated based on whatever marks are available at the time of review, and may include Grade 11 subjects if more recent marks are not yet available. The grade requirement for Mechanical Engineering is anywhere from the high 80's to the low 90's.Getting into Waterloo is not all about the marks it also has to do with your AIF that yo submit and can count up to 5%. The AIF enables us to form a better picture of your capabilities, asking questions about your interests, goals, hobbies, jobs, and other activities you may have been involved in.

Courses for the program

The Ontario Secondary School Prerequisites that are required to get into this course are MHF4U(Advanced Functions),MCV4U(Calculus and Vectors),SCH4U(Chemistry),ENG4U(ENglish),SPH4U(Physics).

First Year Courses

Courses in first year concentrate on basic mathematics, physics, computation and engineering materials. Course ME100 - Mechanical Engineering Communication and Professionalism - introduces students to the engineering profession and teaches many basic engineering skills, such as measurement, technical writing, sketching and computer-aided design.


All Mechanical Engineering students at the University of Waterloo participate in the co-op work/study program. Co-op education combines formal classroom teaching with on-the-job experience. The student employment rate in Mechanical Engineering has been close to 100% in recent terms, particularly for students in the later years of the program. This co-op program really helps the students because now they have work experience and it will be easy for them to get a job when people see that experience.