Budget Report

Budget Portfolio Project

1971 F100 Ford

I chose this car because I thought it was very beautiful and it was in my budget. I love old cars and trucks, so the fact that it is an old truck is even better. this car is very old and rusty with two doors and three seats. I also chose this car because it has enough seats for my family.

Grocery shopping!

Getting all of the required items on my grocery list without going over budget was very hard to do. It was very challenging trying to find the cheapest item that wasn't store brand. Totaling everything was also very challenging because once I got my total, I had to add tax which would put me over budget.

The apartment complex I chose is Brookstone Apartments

I chose Brookstone Apartments because it was in my budget and i really love the look of the place. The inside of each apartment is very beautiful and has enough room for my family. It is $400.00 a month and $56,000.00 in total. The apartment is located in a college park and comes with a breakfast bar, gourmet kitchens, spacious sun-rooms, a wood-burning fire place, a patio, washer and dryer connections, gates, a playground, a picnic area with grills, a business center, fitness center, and a large pool.

Paying Bills

Keeping a balanced check register was a bit difficult because there was a lot of room for error. Many times I added money instead of subtracting it from my balance, or vice versa. I found writing check relatively easy once you get the hang of it and remember where everything goes. Paying bills was a bit nerve-racking because I always thought that I would end up with a negative balance, but thankfully I never did.

Family Photo!