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A perfect guide to HP Toner Cartridges in 2022

When you want to buy toner cartridges, choosing the right one is the toughest decision as many options are available for office and home purposes. Thus, this post will allow you to know the basics of HP toner cartridges to make a smart decision while buying a new laser printer.

What do you mean by toner cartridges?

The HP toner cartridges are specially made colour and monochrome laser printers. There are a handful of printers that provide an extra high-yield version, while most cartridges are available in a high-yield cartridge size and a standard yield size. It has been identified that a lower overall cost per page is associated with higher yield cartridges compared to the standard yield counterpart.

Does toner is included with HP laser printers?

Toner cartridges are always included with a new HP laser printer. It has been observed that a starter cartridge is included in most new printers, which is filled completely with less toner powder. Thus, you may require to buy a replacement cartridge soon. Here, a decent number of prints are available for the starter cartridges, but you can get more with the high-yield versions and the standard yield.

What’s the installation process for an HP toner cartridge?

The installation of toner cartridges differs based on different kinds of printers, but you can find the same basic concept on different machines. You can check the specific instructions for your printer by consulting your printer specs page or manual on the website.

Before installation, you need to make sure that a sealing tape and your protective clip of the new HP toner cartridges are removed. If you are not removing these two items from your toner, then the cartridge will not work in the printer. Here are the instructions to install an HP toner cartridge in your printer.

  1. You need to remove the orange protective clip near the cartridge before going through the installation process. It has been identified that the clip protects the cartridge in the transition stage, and after removal, it can be recycled.
  2. Next, you need to redistribute the toner powder in the cartridge, which can help prime your printer.
  3. You need to tug on the tab by holding the cartridge in one hand so that the sealing tape gets removed. However, you need to ensure that the entire strip of tape is removed. In case your tape gets ripped, then you are not going to use the cartridge again.
  4. After this, you can access the cartridge installation area by opening the front cover of the HP printer.
  5. Next, you can insert the toner cartridge and close the front cover before starting the printing.

How long can an HP toner last?

Many experts say that HP toner cartridges can go up to 2 years if they are in their sealed packaging. In fact, you can last more than 2 years, so you must buy toner cartridges at your convenience. When a specific toner cartridge requires to be replaced, a low cartridge message will be displayed in your printer.

Thus, you need to take immediate action to replace the cartridge. If you want to extend the life of toner, then you can try the technique where you can rock the cartridge back over a trash can. Usually, toner cartridges don’t dry out fast as plastic materials are used in the toner powder.

Overall, having basic knowledge about cartridges can help you to buy the best toner cartridges.

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