XBooks 2020!

50 Books, 50 Weeks, 50 Categories

Discover new books, authors, and genres!

Model great reading habits!

Support district literacy goals!

Are you an EXTREME reader?

The BSD Extreme Book Challenge is back for 2020! With new categories and a new digital notebook option, this is a brand-new challenge for the most dedicated readers!

Research shows two relevant things:

  • Leisure reading increases students' literacy, academic skills, and test scores.
  • One of the most powerful ways to encourage students' leisure reading is for teachers and staff--especially non-ELA teachers--to model the habit of leisure reading.

Participating in the 2020 XBooks Extreme Reading Challenge is a fun and satisfying way you can support your school and district literacy goals!

Plus, there are prizes!

No matter how many books you read toward the goal of 50 books, it will make a positive difference.

More than 130 people finished in 2019. Don't be left out in 2020!

Finishers will win a custom XBooks 2020 hooded sweatshirt featuring our awesome logo on the front and a list of the 50 categories on the back.

Check out these notebooks from 2019!

XBooks Rules

  1. XBooks is open to Boise School District staff and students (grades 7-11) as of January 2020.
  2. You must read one book in all 50 categories and document the books you have read in your XBooks Notebook.
  3. A book/story may only count under one category.
  4. Books must be at least 95 pages (unless noted by an asterisk*).
  5. Readers should strive to read books appropriate to their age and reading level that they have not previously read.
  6. Audiobooks count, but participants must listen to the unabridged edition.
  7. Write the title, author, and a description of each book on a separate page in your XBooks Notebook. The description can be a picture, a favorite quote, your favorite part, a book review, etc. It should be at least 3 sentences long and show something you've gained or learned from reading the book.
  8. Books must be finished between January 1, 2020, and December 18, 2020, to be eligible for the Challenge.
  9. You must register for the XBooks Challenge with your school librarian.
  10. You must turn in your XBooks Notebook in person to your school library by the last day before semester exams to be eligible for the prize. No exceptions!

New in 2020: Go Paperless!

This year, try our Paperless XBooks Notebook! Make a copy for your own Google Drive, then record your reading. When you're ready to turn it in, use the Share button to allow your school librarian to view your notebook!

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

Find the Complete Category List here.

Printable Notebook Chart for tracking what you've finished.

Printable Notebook Rules

Easy Printable Notebook (Legal-sized)

Check out these additional resources from North Junior High Library, including suggestions for books in each category!

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