Genetic Disorder

Treacher-Collins Syndrome (TCS)

Treacher-Collins Syndrome

Treacher-Collins Syndrome is a serious genetic disorder that people that have this don’t fully develop in their normal shape head or they have a crooked skull or facial bones.

How do you get this disorder?

Sometimes one copy in an altered gene in each cell is sufficient to cause the disorder. The affected gene is by the name of TCOF1 and is found on chromosome 5.

What can a doctor do to help this disorder?

It depends on the child’s age and how much they are affected. They perform a massive amounts of surgery and transplants including jaw surgery. Hearing aids are also used because sometimes they become deaf by of facial deformities.

How is this disorder treated (how are the people who have this disorder helped to feel better)?

They get treated as normal people and they also get to have special treatment for their face.

Two more facts about TCS

1. August from the book Wonder has this.

2. It is only minor and doesn't effect your brain.