Age of Exploration

Nevin & Kyle


Hello. Our names are Kyle and Nevin and we are going to be making a series of portfolio's that will be describing each of the time periods we are studying.The portfolio's are all going to be taking about the leaders and/or important people of the time period we are studying.

Europe Exploration

Exploration started all around Europe in the late 1930's. Many Europeans were becoming angry at the muslims for making goods from Asia over priced. Then the European countries sent ships out to find new ways to get goods from Asia to Europe. After many years of searching the route around Africa was found and many other islands for ports making transportation of good easier and lower cost to get to Europe.

Continuity and Change

The new trade routes from Asia to Europe brought lots of new changes to every day life. There were many types of technology made to held people explore and that helped them explore even farther than just the trade routs. Different empires were affected in different ways because the goods were not being exported through their country. This may have caused fights and war between countries making them enemies when they were goo allies like stated in our readings.


Thats it for this section. Stay tuned for next week we will be talking about the leaders of the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment. Thank You.