Joined EU on May 1 2004

Hungary details

Hungary has never been apart of another country. Hungary is located at 47.2753°N and 20.5528°E surrounding countries include Austria, Croatia, Romania, Serbis, Slovakia, Slovania, Ukrain. The flag was adopted on October 12,1957.

More Facts

The captain in Hungray is Budapest, four major cites in Hungray include Debrecen, Miskolc, and Pècs. Two popular tourist destinations are the Buda castle and The Danube. In Hungray there are lots of plains and lakes it is a very flat area. Hung rays government is a parliamentary republic. The currency in Hungray is a Hungarian forint.

Fun Facts

1.The Rubik's cube was made in Hungray

2.Hungray has the highest death rate from cancer

3.Hungray has the highest female suicide rate