Spreadsheet - Busniess Lives

Criterian A: Analyzing and Investigating

What I know about doing Spreadsheet

1. Excel (Application)
2. Word (Application)
3. Sheet of paper with information
4. Automatic table formatting

Introduction Travelogue

For his design project it is a summative is to interview the teacher as a client and all grade 8 student need to interview the teach about there travelogue or a holiday dream and also find out the cost on the trip that they want to have such as food, shelter, hotel ect.. In this project also include the spreadsheets, because the spreadsheet is very organize and good to use because it already calculates number for me. The project also going to be making an itinerary on a spreadsheet for my clients dream holiday. The main focus of this project is to create a plan for a dream holiday for my clients for 7 days.

Primary Source

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Secondary Source

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Research Plan

1) What is your dream vacation place that you plan to go and why?
2) What is your main hobby and what do you plan to do?
3) What is your price range or a price limit that you decide to use?
4) How much people that will go with you?
5) If you had to choose the dream places what country and where would you want to go?

Questions to ask teacher

Starting Questions
· What is the definition of your dream holiday?
· Where is your dream holiday located ? and what is that reason that convince you to visit that place?
· What type of view you willing or expect to see during the trip?
· What do you already know about your dream holiday place?
· When do you plan to visit that place?
· Do you have any fears about this trip? What are they?
· Do you have any hobbies or actives you would want to do on this trips
· Who are you traveling?
· What is your travel budget that you plan to spend on this trip?
· Which part of your vacation does you like spending the most on? (Food,exercise, hotels, adventures, etc.)

Travel Style
· Who do you normally travel with?
· What kind of restaurant you normally went in the foreign country?
· Describe the last memorable holiday you took. What made it so good? Please try and be specific.
· What do you look forward to the most on your vacations? Why?
· How concerned are you with having things like modern hotel, having wifi or clean bathroom...etc...

Itinerary format

A itinerary is an outline sheet of your trip of what you are going to be doing to the time and plan including prices and other information.


Place: Scotland

People: 4

Budget: 3000$ (credit card optional)

Nationality: Indian

Cheap Alternative:

Date: Sunday 6th June 2016- Saturday 14th June 2016

Going: 8:30PM arrive 11:45PM

Coming: 6:50PM arrive 11:30PM

Price: $4032.1

Expensive Alternative:

Date: Sunday 6th June 2016- Saturday 14th June 2016

Time: 09:35PM arrive 7:25AM

Price: $9153.59

Cheap Alternative

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Expensive Alternative

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Citation Bibliography

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Design Brief

I am going to create a 7 days round trip brochure for my client; the brochure will include the trip itinerary and some pictures of the place Ms.Deepika and her family will be going to. I will also be creating two spreadsheet, one will be the cheap option and the other will be the expensive one. The spreadsheet will show places of Ms.Deepika is going to go and how much money that she going to spend for the whole trip. After finalizing my spreadsheet I will first open up a new word document and the importantly I need begin my mail merging, when pulling everything off I will then simplify the wording to make it look clearer for my brochure. After mail merging everything i will then start to develop my brochure, such as adding in pictures, information, graph, and etc.