Compositing Photos in Photoshop

Using Quick Selection, masking, selecting hair

Using the Edge Detection Tool

In this activity, you'll be learning how to select parts of one photo and placing it on another photo. You'll be using selection tools such as "Quick Selection" and "Edge Detection." When you compile multiple photos together, it's called a "composite," so your finished photograph will be called a "composite."
Compositing and Selecting Hair in Photoshop CS5

Source Files

Click on the following links to download the two source files you will need to create your own composite:

If the video embedding does not work above, click this below link to access the video:
Composting and Selecting Hair in Photoshop CS5

That Tutorial Not Working well for You? Try these instead to get a similar effect:

Once You Have Composited Your Two Images...

Okay, you've cut out your model and placed her on the cityscape backgound, now what?
  1. Flatten your image in Photoshop (Right click on Layers>>Flatten Image)
  2. Save your file as: LastNameF_citycomposite.jpg
  3. Turn your file in to the appropriate Turn In box in Moodle