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For the Week of Nov 14, 2022

Working together; succeeding together.

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As treaty people, we acknowledge the privilege and honor of sharing Treaty 6 territory with the traditional inhabitants; the Cree, Dene, Nakota, Sauteaux, Ojibway, and Metis Nation, Eastern Region II. We are thankful that we can use this land and all that it offers for our sustenance and the sustenance of our families.

We acknowledge the harm of colonialism and the residential school system and commit to working together toward reconciliation and forging a better path forward.

Our Freedoms Are Not Free

On Friday at the community Remembrance Day service, George Wolf made a great speech. In his speech, he spoke of the sacrifice that was made by those who went to war for the sake of our freedom. George spoke of how we have not paid for our freedom, rather others have paid for us. George made a very insightful point and it got me thinking about freedom and all that we enjoy in Canada. What jumped out at me was that although we have not been called to pay for our freedom, that is not to say it is without cost.

Many (more than I would like to admit) years ago, I was an intern at Luther College High School in Regina. My cooperating teacher was Commanding Officer Randy Brooks, with the Royal Regina Rifles. We had many, many insightful conversations, but one sticks out as being very relevant. Mr. Brooks said that what should be written on the back of our Charter and Rights and Freedoms, is a list of our duties and responsibilities. He said that with every right by extension, freedom that has been secured for us there are responsibilities that we must fulfill. This has always stuck with me. I have never been called to do what so many have, to lay down my life for the freedom of others, for which I am eternally grateful.

The true beauty of the Charter is that it does not demand anything of us, other than perhaps to ensure they are upheld. However, what freedom provides us is an opportunity to do more. It is up to us, our responsibility, to temper how we exercise our personal freedoms. This is a delicate balance, to say the least, and will evolve as we get older. We have the freedom to say, almost, whatever we want, but it is up to us to use that freedom responsibly, to choose our words to build others up rather than tear them down. We are free to disagree and to hold true to our own beliefs, but must be very cautious when and if that comes at the expense of others.

It would be great if the back of the Charter contained instructions on how to wield our freedoms, but that in and of itself would limit them. No, instructions are not appropriate (although our courts do play a role in determining the limits of our freedoms). George was right, many of us have not been asked to pay for our freedoms in the same way that those who have, who do, and, who will go to war have and will pay. That being said, Mr. Brooks was right as well; we have not been handed these freedoms without responsibility. As the poem says, "from failing hands we throw the torch; be yours to hold it high", it is our job to not only ensure that our freedoms are upheld, but also to discern for ourselves how we use those freedoms. It is up to us to shoulder the responsibility that comes with freedom. It is true that freedom is not free, it was bought for us with the blood of others, and they had faith that we would wield those freedoms responsibly. In this task, we cannot fail. The torch is ours, let's hold it high.

Wear Blue on Monday

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Remembrance Day 2022

Thank you to Mr. Riley and the grade 9 social class for planning the Remembrance Day service. A few years ago we started the Remembrance Day service as a student project to learn about and then teach others about Remembrance Day and it has evolved and changed over time as each group of students takes their turn to make it their own. It was so nice to be back in person and especially nice to have the Porcupine Cadets back to act as our Color Party and Honor Guard. Thank you to Captains Kays and Kistner for their leadership. Our students showed a great deal of respect at the service.

Seen Around PPCS

Paper Report Card Request

Our method of delivery of report cards is through Edsby. However, if families would prefer a paper copy, please complete the request form below. You must complete a separate form for each child, thank you. Report cards will be released in November.

Shout Out to Thomasgard Lumber

Huge thanks to Eric Thomasgard and Thomasgard Lumber for donating a lift of lumber. WIth prices the way they are, this will greatly help our program.

Hot Lunch Punch Cards

Bear Bites is happy to introduce a punch card program for our hot lunches at the school. For $20, families can purchase a punch card good for 5 meals. They can be purchased online using the button below. If you would prefer to pay cash, please have your child bring the money to Mrs. Smith at the front office. We will keep the cards at the Bear Bites canteen and punch them when your child gets a meal.

Please allow 2 school days to process punch card purchases.

Our Day

8:50 - warning bell rings - students line up and come inside.

8:55 - class bell rings.

9:00 - Oh Canada and morning announcements.

12:10 - lunch bell rings - grades K-3 eat and go outside at 12:30, grades 4-6 go outside and eat at 12:30

12:50 - lunch warning bell rings - students come inside

12:55 - class bell rings

3:05 - high school dismissal bell rings

3:25 - elementary dismissal bell rings

GO Time

For our high school students they may be released at 3:05 provided they are done all of their work. From 3:05-3:25 is called GO Time (Gift Of Time), which is time when students can work one on one with a teacher to get work done. It is our expectation that students are not planning anything (ie. work shifts) for the 3:05-3:25 time as teachers may request them to stay and complete unfinished work.

Name the Bear Contest

It was great to see our Bear mascot back at our pep rally on Friday. After the pep rally, we were talking about the bear and as far as anyone knows, he does not have a name. We are asking our students to name the Bear. From now until Friday (Nov 18), students can submit possible names. Starting Nov 21 we will have an online ballot where students can vote for their favorite name. We will announce the Bear's name on Friday, Nov 25.

GO Time Readers

We invite our grade 7-12 students to use some of their GO Time to read with our grade 1 and 2 students. This is a great opportunity for our senior students to mix without younger students and for our younger students to develop their literacy skills.

Next Staff vs. Student is Nov 25

Upcoming Events

Nov 14 - Blue Day (Diabetes Awareness Day)

Nov 15-17 - Stack Up 2022 (Speed Stacking)

Nov 18 - Report Cards Released

Nov 18 - Community Dance for students grade 7-12

Dec 7 - 12 Days of Christmas Begins

Dec 13 - Christmas Pageant

Dec 14 - New 2U Christmas Shopping (grades K-5)

Dec 21 - Skating and Sledding Day

Dec 22 - Christmas Dinner / Last Day of Classes

Paint Night a Success

Thank you to everyone who came out for our paint night. Huge thank you to Miss Palaniuk for planning and hosting. Thank you to all of the staff who helped out and made snacks.
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Meet Your 2022 2023 SCC

The 2022 2023 SCC was chosen at the Annual General Meeting on Nov 10, 2022.

President: Blaire Kirkland

Secretary: Stacey Irving

Treasurer: Alicia Curle

Members At Large: Melissa Christianson, Kendra Smith, Megan Hoffus, Jayme Musikov

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Community Dance Rules

Thank you to Duane Thorpe and his organizing committee for putting on a youth dance. The dance committee asked us to share their expectations.

1. No Alcohol or drugs.

2. Doors close at 10 pm.

3. No fighting.

4. Grades 7-12 only, other communities welcome as long as they are a 7-12 student.

5. Please leave your cell phone in your pocket.

6. Have fun!!!

Athletes of the Month

Brynlee Smith

Brynlee is a dominant multisport grade 8. Her drive and effort level are infectious which her teammates cannot help but follow. She offers an honest and constructive insight as to what her and her team does well and what they need to improve. She displays great skills as her volleyball passing is second to none. She is one of many gym rats popping in frequent to snag a ball to go outside or joining in a game of half court with the Sr. Boys. Keep up the great work Brynlee.

Desirae Burghardt

Desirae is in her final year of Athletics at PPCS. She is a rounded athlete with a presence on and off the court. She is no stranger to the gym and is always up for intramurals or just a quick rally with the volleyball. Desirae’s strongest contribution is perhaps her mentorship and work with our younger teams. She officiates many of our Jr. games and volunteers to help out running drills when required. Great job Desirae.

Ms. Hoffus - Volunteer of the Month

Ms. Hoffus is a sure go to for anytime we require assistance with our Athletic events. She chips in with her canteen expertise and her legendary culinary skills. She has a keen eye and not afraid to make an appearance on the volleyball officials stand. She is always down to take teams for away games if coaches are committed elsewhere. Thank you. Ms. Hoffus for all that you do for Bears Athletics and PPCS.

Sr. Girls Have A Great Showing at Regionals

Our Senior Girls Volleyball has had an amazing season this year. They had a great league performance, came in second at conference playdowns (hosted at PPCS), and had a great showing at Regionals, losing out to Naicam in the semi-finals. Coach Wallen and the girls should be very proud of a well-played season.
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Team Schedules

Home Games

Hot Lunches

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Bear Bites Punch Card Draw

Each month, we will put all of the finished punch cards into a draw for a free lunch. Stay tuned for Novembers winner.

Jigs and Carolines are Back

Once again, Jigs and Carolines will be offering hot lunches on Wednesday and Friday. Please order directly from them. Please note: ALL JIGS ORDERS MUST BE PLACED THROUGH THE GOOGLE FORM BELOW.

It's going to be a #wonderFULLyear