RNSH Presents Origins of Truth

Author Nadia Khalil Bradley

Nadia writes, teaches, and has dedicated her life to people bridging their souls back to them. How can a soul build a bridge back to itself?

Nadia had an experience of seeing Christ, which began 11 years ago and since that awakening has been awakening others to self love, truth and purity.

Our souls speak to us all the time and when we can hear our souls the strength we become is undeniable and happens upon the discovery of finding we were never lost, it is simply remembering our who we are and hearing the voice of our souls.

Roger Neal Style Hollywood 18th Annual Beauty and Couture Academy Award Suite

Tuesday, Feb. 25th, 9:30am to Thursday, Feb. 27th, 7pm

360 N Rodeo Dr

Beverly Hills, CA

Origins of Truth is now available in ebook and hardcover through all major book distributors.


Author, Speaker and Teacher

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