This Week at WPE

Week of April 11, 2016

Grade-level PLCs

Sarah Holmes will be sharing information about our Summer Reading Program. Additional agenda items will be determined by teams. Please send your agenda to Sutton, Pat, & Gayle in advance. Thanks!

Events & Reminders:

-3rd & 4th Grade Saturday tutorials for reading and math will begin on April 2 and continue through April 30.

-Hospitality Committee will host Taco Tuesday on April 12th!!

-NEST will meet on Wednesday, April 20th following dismissal.

-Progress report grades are due on Friday, April 22nd.

-Humble ISD Job Fair is on Friday, April 22nd.

-The second round of STAAR Academy will kick off on April 25th. Grade level revisions to STAAR Academy documents are due to Sutton by Friday, April 15!

Something to think about...

You can't cross a sea by merely standing and staring into the water.
-Rabindranath Tagore

Counselor Cabana News!

Services Available for our students and Staff at WPE:

* Weekly Backpack buddy (a bag with food for students donated by Houston Food Bank) - I have 2 spots available.

* School supplies - Please let me know if you need any school supplies for your classroom. I will do my best to find it for you.

* Classroom Guidance lessons - I will be in the Computer Lab on the week of May 2nd for Guidance lessons. However, you are welcome to contact the Counselor Cabana for extra Lessons based on your classroom needs.

* No Place for Hate - The Specials Team will be completing our last activity next week at Specials time. Thank you Specials for being team players! The kids will be completing the I AM ..... activity.

* College and Career Day / week: Please email me ideas and suggestions.

Juliana Schone, your counselor at WPE