Math in my Life

By: Ian Martin


*Every year when I play soccer, I score on average 3 goals every season.


*Now it's your turn to figure this one out. What is the average of multiplication problems I solve in a minute if the numbers are 74, 37, 54, and 43?



*I have 162 Legos. Every day I use up 18 Legos to build something. How many days do I have in till I run out of Legos? 162/18=9

*I have $3,591. I have a phone that makes me pay $57 daily. How many day do I have to pay until I go bankrupt?


Order of Operation

*What is 12x36/2/2/2+5-1? The answer is 58, because fist you do 12x36=432, then you do the division, because you always do division before you add or subtract. 432/2/2/2=54+5=59-1=58, which is your answer.

* What is 45x2/3+5x7=?

Hint: 45x2=90