A Christmas Carol

Article By: Samantha Harris

What the Christmas Carol?

The first Christmas Carol book published was in England on December 19, 1843 by: Charles Dickens. When this book was published it inspired new ways/ ides, such as the Christmas tree and greeting cards! It was an amazing book, it describe some happiness while at the same time sadness. The Christmas Carol was such a good book that many theaters put on this book as a play,to many to count! Soon when technology got better people started making it into a movie for children. So you see the Christmas Carol has been around my many ,many years!

The Christmas Carol Movie by: Dinsey

This is one of the popular remakes of the Christmas Carol. This is a cartoon movie. It has the same characters, well mostly. It was filmed in 2009, and was directed by Robert Zemeckis. They had Jim Carry star as Screwged. That's just a little information on the movie!