Speaking Skills

No nerves, no worries

How to layout your speech


It is always good too think about your context-context is important for any speech! It is better if you use formal language when you are speaking.

Lay out of your speech!

When writing a speech make sure there is some form of layout.

· Opening- Start your speech of with a catch statement or retorical question. This will put interest into the audience. Also state what you are going to talk about.

· Body- Must state your points relating to each other and make it flow. Don’t go off topic.

· Conclusion- Sum it all up-you must end of your speech with another catchy sentence or a retorical question which will leave the audience in thought.

In your body you should include this layout that the picture shows at the bottom

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How to write a speech


Without a purpose your speech has no meaning. Try and understand why you are speaking and what it is about.

To help find the purpose of your speech, give it a title, that really sums your speech up.


The way you speak and present are very important when public speaking. Use some examples to connect with your audience emotionally, but to connect with your audience even more, you must have eye contact. Also using hand gestures is a great way to place emotions in your audience. For example, open hands would make your audience feel welcome where as a fist would show power. Adding humour to your speech is a simple and effective way to make your speak interesting and entertaining.

Voice- Pace, pitch and punch


When speaking, you need to make sure you don't rush through your speak like a maniac for this we create less interest and be quite hard to understand what you are saying. However, you have to make sure that you don't speak really slowly as this will create no interest and might put the audience to sleep!! You must keep your voice at a moderate pace, that will help the audience understand what you are saying and emphasis more on what you are saying. You can however say some words really important slowly. This helps those words sink in to the audiences mind and linger there whilst you say the rest of the speak.

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When speaking, you don't want to sound monotone as this not only makes you sound dumb, but it also makes you sound like you have no interest in what you are saying making the audience less interested and fall asleep. You need to vary in your tone to what you are saying. This creates more interest in the speak. Also if you say something loud, then this will indicate to the audience that it is important.

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Now you really have to hit the ball out of the park! Make sure that when you speak, instead of saying um and are, replace it with a pause. This is a very effective technique that is highly commended. This puts a lot of emphasis on what you are saying.

Make sure that when you are speaking that you are not fixed to the ground or moving around like you have to go to the toliet. Instead act like you would be when you are talking to some of your friends. Moving a bit here and there.

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Read this comic...

This is probably really terrifying to you. But it wont be any more!! Follow these easy steps and that moment will be fun!

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Get Ready! Get Set! Go!!

Now you are ready to write a speech! With these simple and easy steps you will have no nerves and no problems writing a speech!! Now go write a speech!!!