Welcome to O'Chalky

& Welcome to Team Paint Perfect

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Hello NEW Paint Perfect Team Member

Welcome to the O'Chalky Family!! We are so excited to have you on this amazing journey!!

Even though we are a brand new company, we wanted to make sure you know that you have lots of support that will help you every step of the way. Being involved in a ground floor company is always pretty special but with that will come the bumps and bruises of a new company finding its way in the industry. Don't be nervous, we are all going to be going through it together. And just watch....if we stick together we literally will help shape the direction of O'Chalky. There is no other interaction party planning company like this one and I am super excited to see how it takes off with you.

We wanted to make sure you get started with a BANG so here are some things you can do that help you get organized and ready.

Be sure to join our Facebook Groups so that you have 24/7 contact with team members who are ready to help you with your questions! And, don't be shy or feel like you can't ask us anything. We are all in this together and mostly have the same question as you.

The Official O'Chalky Creators Page

Team Paint Perfect

We have so many more tips and helpful hints below. Enjoy and again, we are so excited to have you with us.

Hugs and Love,

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First 10 Steps to Kick Off Your New Business

  1. Make a business email address. You will get emails from customers, potential O'Chalky team members, our founders, your sponsor and of course me. KISS -- You don’t want to have to search for business related materials. Just start off w/ a new address and everything will be separate. Go to your Creator Dashboard and Edit Your Profile –and you can change to your new email address at any time.

  2. Set up a separate checking account for your business –this just makes EVERYTHING simpler.

  3. Take Car Mileage today and buy a mileage tracker at a local Office Supply Store. You will need your mileage for tax purposes.

  4. Save all receipts concerning business from this day forward. Keep in a folder or accordion file. Makes things easier at tax time.

  5. Send out an Introductory Letter, Email and Facebook note announcing your NEW O'CHALKY BUSINESS to all of your family and Friends. Post your website to your Facebook page!

  6. Create a Facebook Fanpage. This is where you will market your O'Chalky business. Invite all of your family and friends and ask them if they will help support you and share your new page with everyone they know.

  7. Look at your Calendar and set a Launch Class. This class does NOT have to take place at your house –it can be a friend or relative who wants to help you get started. Just ask a girlfriend or relative, who wants to have some friends over, have some wine and create a super easy DIY project that they can put in their home.

  8. Check out our Supplies list in this email for a fun list of things that you can go shopping for to get your new business off and running.

  9. Make it a point to be very active in the two Facebook groups. Since this company is so new, those are going to be our primary way to stay connected and really help mold the company. Isn't this exciting??

  10. Send Goals to me at thatchalkymixchick@gmail.com. I will do my best to help you achieve them. We don't have any minimums or requirements just yet but if you really want to be one of the creators with a huge team in a year, I would make it a goal to talk or contact at least 10 people a day about your new business, bring on board 1-3 people a month and set up at least 2-4 DIY classes. This is so new and you have a huge opportunity in the palm of your hands.

Supply Idea List

That Chalky Mix Instructions

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Jill, When are you available?

For the most part, I am always online unless I have an appointment or a meeting. I do try to answer messages just as soon as I get them if you message me on Facebook. If I do not respond, give me 24 hours and message me again just in case it slipped through the cracks.

I try to take Sundays for family but .........................I'm guilty of just working, working, working. Just because it's Sunday, don't feel like you can't send me a message but if there is a delay...that's why.

If you need extra help. I am happy to pick a time and we can jump on the phone or definitely Skype. Don't worry you don't have to turn on your camera but sometimes while we are both working, it is easier to have access to a computer so I can walk you through things. Rather than just calling, it is better that we plan a time. That way I can dedicate that time to ONLY you.

Jill McCarthy, Founding Member and Independent Creator

My name is Jill McCarthy, known to most as Jilleysue and I am an Independent Creator and Founding Member of O'Chalky. I am a business woman with a passion for inspiring people to believe in themselves so they can build their own business and create their own destiny.

O'Chalky became hugely attractive as a business opportunity when I saw how the wanna be crafter could so easily become the Incredible creator. I loved that this business could touch a person's heart and make them feel like all those projects that seemed so complicated were actually doable for the busy Mom, housewife or business owner.

I have been in the Direct Sales industry for over 12 years. In the last 8 years, I have focused on leveraging the power of Social Media in this industry and have worked shoulder to shoulder with some of the top Social Media experts in the world. I also consulant with many top Consultants on how to use Social Media in their business and speak to groups as a whole. I have made it a goal to help other's choose the life they want instead of letting others choose it for them. The joy of this business is being able to figure out how you are good at working it and whether it be DIY classes, events, online, or any other way, this team is here to support you.

On a personal note, you will hear me reference my animals all the time. I have a Great Dane named Stromboli, 3 dachshunds named Calzone, Ziti and Manicotti and a trouble maker cat named Cannoli. I am originally from the great state of Maine. I love to travel, workout, dance, read, bike, go the beach, go fourwheeling and learn as much as I can about business and people. I am all girl with a love for shoes, bling and pink but when it comes to business, I am a hustler. I don't compare myself to anyone and I only compete to be better than I was yesterday. I love to motivate others and get my team fired up. I hope you are ready for this O'Chalky journey because it is about to get crazy exciting.

Let's Do this!