Righteous Among the Nations

People who save Jews from persecution

Meaning of Righteous Among the Nations

Righteous Among the Nations are people who save hundreds of Jews from almost dying during World War ll. Non Jews rescued the Jews during the Holocaust.
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Martha and Waitstill Sharp

Martha organized identity cards, rented rooms, bribed French guards, purchased tickets, and dressed up as a poor woman. Waitstill was a minister in a church. They both went to Prague to free some Jews.

Rosemarie Feigl

She was saved by the Sharps. She got saved by getting visas from Martha, and she was also on a ship going to new york to escape.
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Lion Feuchtwangen

He was an author of historical fiction. He was rescued by the Sharps family. He arrived in New York by ship because the Sharps rescued him. Also the books he made were burned in the Book Burnings.
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