Book report

Jacob langston


Time And place: Hogwarts fall too winter


Harry Potter was locked up in his room with doby telling "Harry potter don't go to Hogwarts it's not safe".


Harry Potter whent to school any way what Harry thought would be a great year but children keep going to the nurses wing FROZEN!!! Then there was (WARNINGS) wrighten on the walls in the hallway. so Harry whent investigating he found a sceacret room in the girls restroom then Harry Potter found the monster who was making all the trouble.


Harry Potter stabbed the monster and yoused it's fang to stab the diary to save the school that year at Hogwarts


Do what you can to help your friends


J.K. Rowlings

Conflict and solution

plot: Hogwarts kids are being attacked by a monster

Solution: Harry killed the monster and saved the school


Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

It's not my fault I put the title at the end of my smore