The captivating clam

Sean Murphy


Some clams can be very valuable .You are lucky if you find a clam with a pearl in it.This charming animal has many outstanding features.The beautiful place the organisms found is so breathtaking you won’t be able to take your eyes off of it. The diet of the organism is amazing because of its large size.


The body structure of the animal is so breathtaking.The majestic creature can be considered the richest animal on earth.If you find clams with pearls in it go straight to the bank because those pearls can cost a lot of money.Did you know you have to have a permit to fish for clams.As you can see clams are actually very exciting.

Word wall

This word wall is about my organism,the clam.In this you will see some phrases and words including the Latin name for clam.I did this to tell people about the clam in 1 and 2 word phrases.
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Clam video

In this video you will see a clam eating salt which is unusual.
Clam Eats Salt

viral video of clam eating salt

Clam getting around

clam moving around


I have a starfish in my diorama that is okay.Next to that I have my organism,the clam.After that I have and octopus and some coral.I have three rocks to.I also have a shark and I have a fish.I also have a jellyfish and a plankton and a glowfish.
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Cool creature

Long tongue

At least 1 in 5,000 clams have pearls in them

Majestic organisms

Clams are amazing

Clams have really massive tongues

Clams chomp on their prey

Go fish

In my go fish i got really close to my budget.My budget was I got $250 dollars and I got $249.17 dollars.I got a lot of fish to.I got some little fish and some big fish.I got a strawberry dotty fish and that was my favorite fish because it was so pink and colorful.I have 20 gallons.My favorite statue was a Buddha head.I got a lot of statues to and they were all cool.
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