North Carolina Wildlife

An Endangered Species

The Specimen

Located in the Coastal Plains region of North Carolina is an endangered species. They are commonly know by the West Indian manatee, but it's specific name is Trichechus Manatus.

The Causes of Extinction

With the manatee being able to live in fresh and salt water, it comes in contact with the actions of humans. They are often injured and even killed by watercraft collisions, entanglement of objects like nets, and entrapment in water structures and pipes. They also are introduced to contaminants, pollutants, and debris that are harmful to them. Along with loss of warm-water habitats, they also have threats that occur in nature. This includes hurricanes, extreme cold weather, and algae blooms.

The Prevention of Extinction

There has been an increased amount of efforts to reduce watercraft-related injuries and deaths to the manatees. There has also been efforts to reduce flood gate and navigation lock deaths. Also they have been enforcing more habitat protection and manatee rescue, rehabilitation, and release programs. They have also been spreading awareness and more information about this endangered species and what they are doing to help them.