Madi Grace Smith

Ceramics 1


I created this piece because I have a crazy, weird obsession with elephants and just wanted to make a functional form of one. I did have problems getting the ears to look the same on both sides, and making the legs the same size. I also had trouble smoothing it out, and glazing it. If I could change anything, I would just try to perfect it more and maybe would have done it in white instead of blue.


I created this project because I wanted to interpret in a creative, artistic way, my love for Christ. I had problems with the coils, because sometimes the clay wouldn't be hydrated enough, and it would be hard to roll the coils. I also had a lot of trouble smoothing and painting the inside. It was hard to get my hand and brush in all parts of the inside of the vase. If I could change anything, I would just try to make it much cleaner and attractive. I would possibly change the colors as well to compliment each other better.


Ellen Schon



Smoke-fired clay

13” x 20” x 20”

Description: It's a dark brown bowl that is sort of wave like at the top. The bottom is smaller than the rest. It's kind of cone shaped. The inside is a lighter brown than the outside. And the inside is kind of a swirl of different browns. It's shiny and looks sort of like a flower.

Analysis: You can see value in this piece by the different shades of brown. The texture of it is smooth. The different colors help harmonize the piece. It loooks different, but still workds together. All of the elements and priniciples work together to make this piece unique.

Interpretation: I believe this piece is to make it feel like it's capturing something. It gradually gets smaller towards the bottom so it looks like things will disappear in the bottom. The inside of it swirls around to show the confusion and mixture of different emotions and everything being captured by the vortex.

Judgement: I feel like this piece of artwork is more of an emotional piece. The message behind it is good. Yet I feel that it's very plain and not very visually attractive. Just looking at it, I'm not in awe of the overall project. It's a good piece, just not amazing in my eyes.


Laocoön and His Sons

Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus

25 BC

White Marble

1.84 m in height

Description: This is a sculpture with three people in it/ They're standing on stairs and there's one person larger than the other two. It looks like they're fighting against ropes or some sort of long creature that intertwines them all. They're all looking up, kind of in pain. They all seem to be doing the same thing.

Analysis: There are many different elements and principles in this piece. Tecture is the first. You can see the different textures on the hair and stomachs. You can also see the value that shows the lighting and makes it more life like. Then there is unity which brings all 3 of the people together in one piece.

Interpretation: I feel like this is portraying a father and his sons working together to fight against something. In that time, and even today, the sons normally help or follow in the footsteps of their fathers. You can tell they are fighting the same thing because it is all one giant rope tying them all together.

Judgement: I love this piece. I think it gives a good message. The attention to detail is amazing. It looks very life like and portrays real people in that time. I would love to see this piece in person to see even more of the detail.


I'm Madi Grace, I'm a freshman in High School, but I'm hotter than all the seniors. I'm captain of the cheer team, and people say I look like Barbie. I'm obsessed with Elephants and glitter. That might sound weird, but it makes me unique, and people are obsessed with me. Be sure to follow me on twitter and instaram @MadiGrace23