ELC May Newsletter

News and events from the ELC at BMS

April, April...it does whatever it wants!

So goes the German phrase (roughly translated into English). April is on its way out now, but it has been a terrifically varied month. In the ELC, it has been wonderful to have all of your support in ensuring that our students have a variety of indoor and outdoor clothing available to match the weather! I think we will all be happy to move into warmer May weather over the coming weeks.

During this month, our ELC students have all moved into their "How We Express Ourselves" units of inquiry, and you will be able to view and enjoy some of the many ways the different age groups have learned to express themselves over the course of the year. During this unit, our students will be working on developing their emotional vocabulary as well as exploring materials and modes of expression. Of course, these inquiries are varied across the different levels and between the Preschool and Kindergarten, where they are following different central ideas and lines of inquiry. Please feel free to ask your children about what they have been learning!

Building Project

As you have already heard, from Monday on, our entrance on Linienstraße will be closed. Please be sure to budget enough time to come around to the Torstraße side of the building in the morning, where you will be guided through the pathway to the front door.

In order to ensure that parents are aware of all details of the construction, we will be displaying the building plans, information, and updates on the information boards in our reception area from next week. We look forward to sharing further developments in a variety of ways - please feel free to follow our ELC Twitter feed @ELC_BMS for photos, notes, and comments about the building site.

ELC Action Gallery

Monday, May 2nd, 8:30am to Wednesday, May 4th, 4pm

ELC Classes

During the coming week, the ELC classrooms will open their doors to parents so that students can share their learning experience with them. This might entail students sharing a specific piece of work, or their portfolio with their parents. Parents might also be invited to ask their child questions as they share, in order to help guide them and to help recall what they were thinking while they did the specific piece.

Some questions that we find helpful in prompting students are:

-How did you create/make this?

-Was this easy or difficult?

-What is your favorite page (or favorite part)?

-What do you like about this?

We hope that you enjoy this special time for sharing memories of learning experiences with your child. Please keep in mind that every student will share in their own way, in a manner that is developmentally appropriate for them.

Upcoming Dates:

May 5th and 6th - School Closed

May 16th - School Closed

May 20th and 27th - first two transition sessions for Preschoolers (our Kindergarteners will enjoy transition sessions later in the summer)

Final Note:

We once again ask for your support in keeping the areas around your child's locker tidy. Please be sure to help them take home any items that might be sitting on top of their lockers as well as making sure that their shoes, jackets, and other belongings are neatly tucked inside of their locker when you pick them up. This really helps our cleaning team to make sure that the locker spaces are well cleaned in the evenings!

Thank you for your ongoing support.