Goverment, Economy, Culture, & Geography


     The type of landforms that they have are mostly low and flat to the ground. They do have some mountains in the north and in the south.The natural recources that they have there include oil, gas, timber, gemstone, iron ore, manganese, phosphates, and hydrolic potential.The climate that they have there is tropical rainy and for another part of the season is dry. Some natural disasters that they have is monsoonal rain, floods and sometimes even droughts.


    The type of goverment that they have is a multiparty democracy under a constitutional monarchy. The leader of the head of state is branch is King Norodom. The legal age of when the citezens can vote is 18. Thier prime minister is Hun Sen. Thier constitution was formed on the day of December, 1997. The Juditial branch is called the Supreme Council of the Magistracy. The day that they won thier independance was November, 9, 1953. They won thier independance from France in the date above. Thier exporting partners are the US, Canada, Germany, UK, Vietnam, and Japan. The countries currency[the money they use]Is called Riels.


        The most recenct GDP that has been recorded is $2,400. Thier agricultural products that they have is rice, rubber, corn vegatables, cashews, cassrice,[manioc],and silk. The products that the industries produce are tourism, gaments, construction, ric milling, fishing, wood and wood products, rubber, cement, gem mining, abd textiles.


The countries nationallity is Cambodians. The ethentic grops that are in the country are the Khmer, Vietnamese, Chinese, and other. The languages that they speak in the country are Khmer, French, English. the religins that they have there are Buddhist, Muslim, Other, and unspecified.