Staff Update: December 12th, 2014

Nuevas Fronteras and Crestview Elementary Schools

Kudos and Celebrations!

  • MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS, Lupita Crisp and Alissa Hill. We wish you both the very best as you move on to new adventures!
  • Welcome to Meg Stolte, who will be joining us in 4th grade at NFSI starting 12/17. Please take time to say hello and welcome Meg back to our staff!
  • Best to Annie Olson-Reiners, who will be transitioning into 2nd grade after winter break-- THANK YOU Annie, for all you have done to serve our schools as our TOSA!
  • Awesome job, Jim Glazer and Nancy Enstad with the STAR LAB!!!! It was amazing!

  • WAY TO GO, Leah Wieseler, Katie Carter, and the NFSI and CES Student Councils! Our site collected over 1500 items for the Holiday Train this year!

  • Congratulations to Kathryn Buccola, Liz Ziegler and the CES/NFSI orchestras and choir on fabulous winter concerts!

  • A "note" of thanks to Karla Clark for accompanying our choir, and for making announcements at Nuevas en Español!

  • Huge thanks to Mark Haesly, James Gattas, and Theresa Rondeau for covering PE classes this week when we were short staff!

  • Heaps of gratitude to Vicky Yeo, Karen Elliott, Bob Andersen and our other guest paraprofessionals for also pitching in with recess when we were short lunch and recess staff!

  • Happy Birthday to Theresa Rondeau (12/25), Mark Haesly (12/26) and Megan Kochmann (1/4)!

All Staff Ugly Sweater Contest on Friday!!!

All teachers and staff are invited to participate in the 1st Annual CES/NFSI Ugly Holiday/Winter Sweater competition next Friday, December 19th!

Can Leah Wieseler find a sweater that is even more "interesting" than Colleen Klos' light-up gem? Will Thom Carroll surprise us all with a fuzzy cat sweater? The suspense is unbearable!!!!

Please stop by the office on Friday to vote for your favorite... we'll announce the winners at the end of the Crestview Day.... and there are prizes!


Monday, December 15th : Pajama day!

Tuesday, December 16th: Neon-colored clothes day!

Wednesday, December 17th: Super Hero day!

Thursday, December 18th: Dress like one of your teachers (past or present)!

Friday, December 19th: Silly winter sweater day!

Need to take a whole day or just part of a day? How much sub time is needed?

There is no requirement to contract with a substitute for your full work schedule. Before you request a sub in AESOP, consider the start and end times that are NEEDED for sub coverage. For example, Crestview students leave the building at 2:25 PM; do you need the sub to stay until 3:30, or just until 2:45 or 3 PM to wrap up the day? Also, Nuevas students enter the building at 9:10 AM; do you NEED the sub to be here at 8:15 to prep, or would 8:30 or 8:45 be sufficient? Substitute teachers are paid by the hour, not by the half or full day. See Linda Johnson if you would like more information!

Peer Observation Reminder!

January 9th is the next due date for a peer observation. Remember you do not have to observe someone, but you must have one peer observe you and log it into PD Express. Let Jade or Amanda J know if you have any questions!!! Thanks for being such supportive and collaborative colleagues!

Tips from the Print Center!

During the school year only send a few weeks of printing at a time, this will help even out the heavy workloads at the beginning of the school year and the start of each Trimester

  • Fill out form completely and legible: including name, phone, school, number of originals (2-sided =2 originals) and #copies
  • When ordering forms or specialty jobs plan for more time (up to 2 weeks this includes laminating & posters)
  • Under 30 copies use your school copier
  • Ask office coordinators about procedures and paper options
  • Make sure copies are the same size and on #20 white paper
  • No staples, glue or tape on pages (No paste-ups)
  • Use your building copier to produce originals
  • Do not submit workbooks or workbook pages
  • Send job with all pages (do not ask us to make copies and insert)
  • Make sure you select collate or uncollated
  • Save yellow sheet from print request for your records
  • All jobs are printed on a first in first out basis
  • Only call to check on requests after 6 working days

Questions on printing call 651-458-6286, as not to disrupt operators. Thanks for Your efforts in following these tips, it saves time and helps immensely!

Have You Seen This?

This week we go to a virtual version of "have you seen this" and share with you a little holiday elf fun. Thanks to the NFSI dancers for putting this one together!

Click Here!

Next Week at a Glance:

1st grade has bus/door duty next week, THANK YOU!!!
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Crestview Elementary and Nuevas Fronteras Spanish Immersion




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