Why I'm Drug Free

And How it Will Affect My Dreams Coming True

Academic Goals

Academically, I want to end up probably at UCLA because it is one of the top ten communications schools in the country of the United States. Tisch University of NYU is also one of my dream schools because it as well has a phenomenal communication/arts program and it is located in New York City!

My Social Life

In the future and starting now, to pursue my dreams, I plan on surrounding myself with inspiring and diligent people so that I am encouraged to be successful as well. I hope to inspire my friends as well and help them reach their goals as well. I don't want anything getting in the way of chasing my dreams, so it's very important to me to surround myself with the right crowd.
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My Family

I will use my family as inspiration as I go on to achieve my goals. They will encourage me to follow my dreams an stay on the right track. As well as my parents, I look up to my sisters and brother greatly and will use their success to inspire myself to be successful.
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As I mentioned before, I aspire to be a journalist of some sort and possibly a talk show host. I want to interview celebrities around the world and important people doing good things for the world. Any sort of successful communications job would be my goal career.
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