Immunity Renewance

Lupus Treatmeant Camp

Sunday June 10 - Saturday August 17

Helping kids w/ the Lupus Disease

Camp Description & Mission Statement

Lupus Disease makes life hard for children/teens to live like an average kid. Here, we make everything easier, fun, & help them get healthy by doing fun activities that help strangthen the immune system and body.Camp Immunity Renewance can make your kid feel reborn, new, and refreshed only for $55 for an entire summer!

About Our Daily Activities


Wake up at 8:30 for handling personal hygiene & get fresh air

Eat breakfast at 9:15

Campers will decide which activities they will participate in*

Each group of campers will be taken to a different part of the camp, depending on which activity they chose.

Ages 5-8 will eat lunch at 11:30

Ages9-12 will eat lunch at 12:00

Ages 13-16 will eat lunch at 12:30

Ages 17 & 18 will eat lunch at 1:00

Dinner for ages 5-12 will be at 7:00

Dinner for ages 13-18 will be at 8:00


Mondays & Wednesdays

After Breakfast

Kids can Choose to go Horse-back riding through a secure trail behind the cabins or go play intermediate basketball either in the gymnasium/outside basketball court

After Lunch

The campers will have to participate in sectional therapy, either in swimming pools (shallow waters or deeps waters), or in a observational room. Naps will be held for children 5-8 at 12:30.

After Dinner

Half of the Campers ages 13-18 will be interviewed by a Camp counselor about their day, ask for complaints, any issues, and/or peer problems.

Ages 5-8 will have Arts & crafts and Ages 9-12 will get a chance to fill out fun recreational papers like madlibs, crossword puzzles, or playing cards, board games and other fun stuff!

Tuesdays & Thurdays

After Breakfast


Afterwards, the campers (except ages 5-12) will be divided once again, to do Social Awarness called "Group" where we sit them down and talk about making healthy habits & good tips to maintain a healthy life

After Lunch

Everybody will Get a chance to participate in our field & Carnival games we have set up, to play for prizes and extra swimming time/horse back riding time.

If there are 10(or more) campers that do not want to participate, we have fun indoor games like BalloonBaseball, Froggers, Group Knot, Flinch, and Flashlight Limbo

After Dinner

All campers are free to socialize with with other campers within the cabin field. All ages will sit outside with counselors & roast marshmellows for smores. After smores are eaten,(on Thursdays), Each age group will be divided into sections to take a vote on what movie they'll watch Friday evening.


*Fridays are usually our resting days, where everyone can relax

After Breakfast

Ages 5-8 will go to the clinic to talk to camp doctors for check ups

Ages 9-12 will go to the (shallow) fishing lake

Ages 13-18 will all go on a scavenger hunt

After Lunch

Ages 5-8 will begin watching their selected movie

Ages 9-12 will then go to the camp doctors in the clinic for check ups

Ages 13-18 (scavenger hunt should be ongoing) if completed svavenger hunt, camper that finds the most objects, wins ice cream for their whole cabin

After Dinner

Ages 5-8 will sit in a circle and share their favorite part of the week

Ages 9-12, 13-16, and 17 & 18 will be divided to begin their movie night while ages 13-18 will be called indiviually by docters for check ups & scavenger winners will eat thier Ice-Cream

What To Bring

  • Toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, beach sandals
  • Swimming Suit
  • Shower Cap
  • Any required medicines
  • Rain coat (in case of rain)

Bring mostly shorts (knee length) and t-shirts

Camp Director

Camp Immunity Renewance is Directed by Mrs. Destiny Taylor. She has a 4yr old child with the Lupus disease but after she Graduated from Spelman with Masters of Health Administration, helped nurse the little girl back to normal health by doing all of the activities that are done here at Camp.