Be Aware!!!!

Steroid/ enhancement drug abuse can't be ignored

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Why is it a problem?

Steroid abuse is a problem because 400 teenagers a year die from the use of steroids. You may think it's not that big of a deal, but imagine if one of your family members was one who died.

Statistics that will change your mind about the importance of the problem

-1,084,000 people used steroids in 2011 alone

-They are very easy to obtain; 41% percent of the users sat they were easy to get

-400 people die each year from the use

-HGH (Human Growth Hormone) causes diseases such as heart disease, and brain cancer

How can you help prevent the abuse of steroids?

You can prevent a loss of a dear family member or friend very simply. The most effective way is to look for mood swings, and if there is many, get the person checked for drugs/steroids. The steroids build testosterone or estrogen and make the people more moody. Also, you can help by volunteering at the different programs that go to schools and do seminars that tell students what steroids can do to them. Also, you could volunteer at the programs that are hands-on to help students with better nutrition to be stronger instead of steroids. The girl's/ women's is ATHENA and the boy's/men's is ATLAS