Mrs. Scott's Kindergarten Spot

April Newsletter

Important Dates

April 3rd and 6th: No School

April 10th: Family Game Night 5:00-7:00

April 24th: Donuts for Dads 7:00-8:15

April 30th: St. John's Arboretum

Kid Comments

Krystian: When observing the tadpoles stated: "Look! The eggs broke! I need to write this in my journal!"

Ilham: Helped clean up our room after her station

Caydence: Helped her math partner with writing his numbers back by counting with him!

April Learning Goals: WOW , we are flying!

Language Arts

  • Read level C books or higher
  • Know 40-50 Star Words
  • Identify characters, setting, problem and solution, sequence events, main idea and details
  • Form an opinion about books or poems and compare books to yourself, others, events or other books
  • Make up rhyming words, and recognize word families (i.e. ay: pay, stay, lay, . . .)
  • Read words with a silent "e"
  • Read consonant blends and digraphs fluently
  • Write multiple sentences about a topic, and illustrate it


  • Count to 100 or more
  • Read randomized numbers to 100 or more
  • Count back from 20
  • Put numbers 1-20 in order, with some numbers missing
  • Add and subtract using pictures, objects, or a numberline to help, know when to either add or subtract by the +/- symbol
  • Addition Math facts 1-10,
  • Write or read math story problems
  • Sort objects by color, size, shape
  • Read and create patterns (aabaab, abcabc, growing by 1 more)