Magical Moments at Mintie

Information and celebrations from each grade level.

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A Moment from Ms. Hallof


We are going to try and send this Magical Moments at Mintie newsletter once a month highlighting information and celebrations from each grade level, including our Special Education Art, PE, and Intervention teams. We hope this helps to connect each of you to our staff and the amazing work both our students and staff are doing.

The group names came from an activity that we did together as a staff so we hope you enjoy them! Happy New Year and it's great to be back among the Great and Mighty Eagles.

January Attendance

Just wanted to give you an update on our recent attendance for January

TK 85%

K 89%

1st 93.3 %

2nd 91.3%

3rd 92.85%

4th 93.66%

5th 93%

Our district goal is 97% but we understand this is a difficult time for our families. We do ask that you please notify the school to excuse any absence. You can do it on the Website home page, through class dojo, or through the Remind app. It is important that we know about absences and keep us connected to our students and their welfare.

Congratulations to our Fourth Graders for having the highest percentage this month. Let's see how much higher we can get it for February. Great and might eagles soar above any situation with grace and determination.

Remind App

The district is moving to an more efficient way of communication with our families district wide, site based, and teacher to student, parent to teacher. The application is called REMIND and you can download it from the Apple or Android store.
We will continue to use Class Dojo and Twitter but will eventually move over to Remind as our source of communication.

Once all our classrooms are set up and using it we will create a video for parents to help you understand how it works. During this pandemic electronic communication is all we have so it is important that we keep informed. Here is a vide to show you more about remind. There is one in English and below that Spanish.

Getting Started for Parents

Parent Support Group Meetings

ELAC meeting: February 9, 6:00 p.m. Meeting link posted on Google Classroom at 5:30

School Site Council: February 25, 6:00 p.m. Meeting link posted on Google Classroom at 5:30

Click here to view parent meetings supported by Kaiser Permanente.

More information from our amazing Parent Outreach at the district office.

Newsletter #12 shares information about the upcoming PVUSD virtual Parent Conference and the Use of Cameras during Distance Learning: Parent Toolkit.

I'm also linking the individual parent conference flyers and bitly link for your use.

  • Bitly link (takes parents quickly to our website where the conference link will be available to them)

Other workshop sessions parents should know about:

Getting Started for Parents: Spanish

Lights! Camera! Action!

Parents we need your help! We need for students to have their cameras on during instruction. It helps the teacher to pace the lesson, helps students to stay engaged and most importantly, builds community in the classroom. During the Month of February we will be starting our ELPAC testing and students must have their cameras on for this testing. If your child's chromebook camera is not working please bring it by Mintie White Monday, Wednesday, or Fridays for our technician to look at it. If your child is in daycare please pass this message on to them. In grades 3-5 we will be having SBAC state testing in a few months and we will need to make sure that their cameras, and microphones are working. If you do not have a headset please come by the school and pick one up. Our teachers are working hard to provide high quality education and we need your help to make this team a success. Please encourage, motivate, incentivize this for your child Thank you in advance for your support!

Family Art Night

Wednesday, Feb. 24th, 6pm

This is an online event.

The first 50 families who respond to this newsletter will be able to come and pick up the supplies for the art section of this evening. After than anyone can participate and links will be shared through your child's Google Classroom.

We will have Visual Arts and Drama sessions on this night. It will be a lot of fun for everyone.

Please RSVP (Click the RSVP button below) and we will contact you to pick up your supplies close to the event date.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Kinder Registration

Kindergarten registration begins February 1st online, and then packets will be available the following week. We are still in the process of planning out how we will meet with families, but for now you will use the online application or come by and pick up a paper application. Someone from the office will then reach out to schedule a virtual appointment for you. Kindergarten teachers will meet you virtually and do some simple assessments with your child. More information will be come home to you soon. If you know of someone with a Kinder age child who does not have other siblings at our school, please pass this information on to them.

Thank you.

Language Arts New Unit is all about Technology!

Great and Mighty Tips for Success

a) Ensure that your child is aware of their learning schedules and times and is ready and online when noted in their weekly planner. Instruction continues into the afternoon.

b) Ask your child to keep their camera on. It is important for us to build and sustain a better connection and provide instructional and behavioral feedback to your child. Ensure your child takes brain breaks, stretch breaks and gets fresh air.Pass this information on if your child attends a daycare setting as well.

c) For the ideal learning environment, find the quietest location, with the least amount of distractions - with a chair and flat surface whenever possible. We would appreciate it if you make sure the television is off in the background to allow your child to focus.

d) Pass by your child’s screen to see what they are learning. Check that they are on the right screen and not distracted with other websites, videos or games. Ask them to show you the assignments they turned in so you can be a part of their learning.

e) Provide positive encouragement and feedback to your child for their participation and engagement in distance learning.

f) Just as if your child were going to school and learning in their classroom, please get them up, out of bed and ready for the day. This supports the expectation of learning. Please encourage them to be sitting up at a table or desk and not laying down in their bed. Up...dressed...breakfast...ready to learn!

Thank you for being great and mighty eagle parents. Please reach out if you need support.

Eagle Reminders

  1. Stay connected with communication: Check in regularly with your child's teachers, call us in the office if you have questions and check Class Dojo and the Remind App. for Messages.
  2. Live teaching time may end anywhere from 11:30 - 12:30 depending on the grade, but that is not the end of the instructional school day. Small groups, Science or Art Instruction, Office Hours all extend into the afternoon.
  3. Pay close attention to your child's daily/weekly schedule so that you and your child know when they have afternoon instruction: small group instruction, tutoring, or special projects.

Please make sure that we have your current phone numbers and email address on file at the school. We will continue to communicate via Class Dojo, S'more Newsletters, and the (new) REMIND APP so having accurate information is important.

It's a new year and a new opportunity to set goals, and push ourselves to learn new things and to continue to take on challenges.

Let's make it fun and get it done in 2021!

Check out what is new in our Library

This will help you and your child to get to books in our school library.

Click here

Soaring Eagle Wing Flaps!

Congratulations to Pizza for Purpose winners each week. Make sure to check your Google Classroom for the weekly focus.

Congratulations to our Fourth Graders for having the highest attendance percentage this month. Great job!

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