It's been a "sweet" 1st session!

Updates & Reminders

Library & Devices

  • Library Check-out will be on Wednesday again.
  • If you need more devices, please ask Cinda. I believe we have about 30 more Chromebooks to check-out to anyone wanting them!
  • Library books can be returned on Mondays or Tuesdays during your individual classroom outdoor exploration time. The books can be placed in the return slot, or on the check-out counter. Cinda will let us know if we need to change this process in the future, but for now she would like to try book return like this.
  • Click here to see the summer school schedule for our DLT and Librarian. Please keep a list of ways you hope they can support you on days/times they are here. Please let me know of your needs so we can support you. Thanks!


  • Please remind students to walk to and from breakfast each morning.
  • Please be sure to sign-in each morning. All staff need to sign-in unless you complete a time sheet for HR.
  • Please be sure to enter your pretest data on the data tracking sheets Jason Waltz shared with you last week. We need to use the Standards Referenced 4, 3, 2, 1 scale. Please enter scores by Tuesday, June 9th.
  • There's plenty of Mug Root Beer in the teacher's lounge refrigerator. Enjoy some soda this week!
  • Nurses This Week: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday- Patty Dimarco
Wednesday (sub) - Eclesiata

  • Tepfenhart & Lopez Parent Meeting @ 4:15 on 6/10/15
  • Thank you Mrs. Grimm and Mrs. Hamburg for all that you have done 1st session. It won't be the same without you next week! Please join me in welcoming Mrs. Rice for 2nd session in Mrs. Grimm's current classroom. Mrs. Hamburg's students returning for 2nd session will be enrolled in our other wonderful 3rd/4th grade classrooms.

WANTED - Stonegate Summer School Pictures & Videos

In the Summer School 2015 Stonegate Shared Folder (where your lesson plans are), I have added a file for us to place pictures (file is called Stonegate Summer School Pictures). Please feel free to drop pictures of students (be sure to avoid no media students) and activities/projects you are completing in class. You can also email these to me and I will place them in the file for you. Dr. Voelker would like to view these and possibly use them to show off our summer school fun!