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Resident Lisa Dunning killed-murderer found and killed minutes later

On June 12, a current resident at Dunning Farm died, in fact it was Curley's wife, the owner's son. She was brutally killed by a former worker, Lennie Small, who died a few minutes after. According to her husband Lennie Small was a troubled and brutal man, he told us his point of view on the story.
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How I Saw It - Curley Dunnings

As soon as I saw my goddamned wife on the barn floor with her neck busted beyond repair, I knew that big bastard was the one that odda’ done it , an’ that big son-of-a-bitch was gonna get it for all the damn things he has caused .As I ran to get my luger I knew they were all going to go easy on him especially that fella George he wasn’ gonna let him get killed. An’ when I found out that the big bastard had a gun with that George guy nowhere to be seen, I knew somethin’ was up I mean I wasn’ stupid. But right now all that didn’t matter, I had to get him first an’ then I would worry about that nonsense later.I mounted a horse and rode as if my life depended on it. We searched everywhere riding so much that I felt that I was going in circles, and then I heard the unmistakable blow of a gun. As soon as heard it we all ran to the sound. When we got there I couldn’ believe it that bastard George had done it. I couldn’ help but stagger forward to check , he shot’ him in the back of the head! An’ as he walked away he looked so damned troubled, as if he had just killed his own old lady, I mean it was just that son-of-a bitch. I still wonder what was eating him that much cause’ I still haven’t the slightest idea.
Above we have a picture of the now passed away Lisa Dunning and Lennie, and we have a picture of testimony Curley Dunning.

Down below we have the testimony of current worker George Milton.

How I Saw It - George Milton

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That crazy bastard didn’t know what he was doing , he didn’ mean to kill her I know it. That goddamn tramp messed everything up, I knew she was gonna be the one to bring us down . He didn’ mean no harm, he jus’ got no control on what he does.He isn right in the head he never knows what he’ does, until he’s done it. I walked in the barn again with the rest of them guys and I saw the tart layin’ there dead an’ beside her lay Lennie’s cap and the dead pup. I already knew she was dead cause’ old man Candy had called me in first . When I told im’ not to tell’m guys so I woudn’ get wrapped in this mess, I was acually thinkin’ that I didn’ want no stranger killin’ my friend like Carlson had done to Candy’s old dog. So I took Carlson’s lugger and done it, even if it was the hardest goddamn’ thing I have ever done. I didn’t for his sake, I hope I did the right thing cause’ I’m not takin’ his death well. Lennie and I were really close, even if he wasn’t bright and was a handful. And,I knew as soon I seen what Lennie done, we couldn’t get that dream no more. I’m sorry for Candy but we couldn’t do it without Lennie. It wouldn’t have been right. It was always our dream and I ain’t gonna do it without him. He’s in a better place now.

Comfy House for Sale!

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Evergreen Ranch is a nice place. There is a windmill a little ways from the barn an' a chicken run. It's got a nice kitchen, a pig pen, an' a nice stove to keep toasty in the cold. It's a bit run down but nothin' you can't fix. There are a couple acres, why you could build a nice garden there! There's enough space for more animals, like rabbits,cows,chickens and pigs. It a real homey place.

Below is a letter to current boss abe in Two Pines PAstures


We have decide we need to write a letter of demands for better working conditions, even if it is a risky decision since we might get fired for this, but we think it is worth it.

We feel that if we are bucking barley we should at least get enough water breaks. I mean do you want us to kick the hay or somethin’,cause’ with that hot blazing sun behind our backs we need at least have longer breaks.

Plus we should have more relaxing days to be able to have fun with all the hard work we do we need sometime to relax.

Signed ,

Mark and the Workers

What HAppened with the stock market

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