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November 1, 2019

Spotlight on Social Emotional Learning

This time of year we see the beauty that comes from the many colors fall brings -- though the pop of snow has put a damper on it! No two leaves OR snowflakes are alike, and we are proud of the uniqueness of our diverse student population here at Avoca West and know the importance of helping our students work with and value others. The Illinois Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Standards capture the skills needed to do just that! Specifically to:

  • 2A - Recognize the feelings and perspectives of others and
  • 2B - Recognize individual and group similarities and differences

The beauty of focusing on the SEL standards so intently this school year means that so much of our work will fortify those values of celebrating diversity and working with others who are different than us!

At School we will teach skills and strategies such as:

  • Really listening to what others are saying, paraphrasing what others have said, and considering how others feel or think. This is important work to build empathy -- one of the most difficult things to develop in children.
  • Using "I-Statements" to let others know that they have been heard and considering how to adjust our behaviors and responses to problem solve and build stronger relationships.
  • Recognize diversity and how diversity enriches individuals and our community. This includes different family structures, cultural diversity, ethnic, and religious groups.
  • Identifying ways to overcome misunderstandings and to advocate for others.

How can you help at home? Being a parent is NOT EASY -- especially when we want to make sure our children know they can come to us with their feelings. The first step of healthy social emotional development is getting our children to identify their feelings. You may remember that from previous editions of the AW News. Also on our plates is to help our children see how OTHERS feel. We do this often as parents as we try to negotiate sibling conflict or to help them see how their behavior can impact our individual families. Consider ways to ask your child how they think someone else might be feeling -- in a story you're reading together, in a news story or show you're watching, as you pass someone on the street, or in other natural contexts. When your child brings an issue home to you that he/she experienced at school, listen for his/her perspective...but don't stop there! Have them think about others who may be a part of the situation. Helping kids see the cause-effect we all have on one another in the world is a CRITICAL skill -- and it will help them to see how they can positively impact others as well!

Think of all the world could accomplish if we could pause, consider perspectives, really listen to one another, and see how incredible it is that we come from unique backgrounds and experiences!

Why Is Social Awareness Important?

Social Awareness
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Join Us - IDaTS Coming Soon!

Our Annual Intercultural Dinner and Talent Show is a great example of ways that we come together to showcase our unique talents and diversity. Families are invited to share a dish, enjoy the company of our community, and to see the wonderful gifts that our students and families offer. Families are welcome to RSVP by using THIS LINK to the registration form.
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